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Birdman: Pigeons Tied With Human Hair

1/21/2012 - On my way to Wal-Mart I decided to stop and check on my little friends on the corner of 4th. & Elm. That is the corner that I rescued the pigeon on 1/7/2012 that was going behind the planter in the corner with most of his flight wing feathers missing on one wing.

 Update: about 65 percent of his flight wing feathers have already grown back and he will be back with his little friends soon. About two minutes after I got there today I rescued a pigeon that had the toes on one of his feet tied with human hair. I untied his toes, trimmed his nails, gave him water, a kiss on the head and released him. Then when I got to Wal-Mart I rescued a pigeon that had a toe at least 6 times the normal size from infection and looked terrible. I removed it today and gave him antibiotics and he will be ready to go back to his little friends in a few days pain free. I also took the pigeon back to Wal-Mart and released him that I removed 6 very damaged toes on 1/13/2012.

 Tomorrow I am going back to try and rescue a pigeon I seen with his feet tied together with white string that disappeared on me before I could rescue him. The farmers market behind where I rescue the pigeons was going on and not very many pigeons were coming down to get seed. But sometimes they do not come down because they know a hawk is in the area and they are scared.

1/23/2012 - I went back today to look for the pigeon with his feet tied together and unfortunately I could not find him. But the good news is I rescued another pigeon that had both of his feet tied together with human hair. Every toe on both feet were tied so this turned out to be a really wonderful rescue. When the pigeons toes are tied but it is not cutting off the circulation the pigeon is not in very much pain. But once the string, hair or fishing line starts to tighten up it slowly cuts off the circulation and the pigeons live in constant pain and torture helplessly watching there toes fall off one at a time with no one to help them.

 And that is exactly why I dedicate my life to helping as many of the pigeons as I can. I only wish there was more people that would take a interest in helping them because they are so sweet and kind and loving. And there are many pigeons that are living a life of constant torture every second of every day with no one to help them. The saddest part of it all is that it usually only takes a few minutes to help them and sometimes that few minutes of helping them might save them a lifetime of pain.

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