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Birdman: 3 Pigeons With Feathers Cut


I received a e-mail from a lady named Val who works for Parks and Recreation and she said she had three injured pigeons in her yard. She also has a Rottweiler and she had thought that the pigeons were injured from her dog. So for 4 days she did not let her dog go into the yard. She said at least one of the pigeons had its flight feathers longer on one side then the other so I was thinking maybe the dog broke some of the pigeons wings. But it did seem odd to me that three pigeons would let a big dog like that get close enough to them to hurt them.

I had a pigeon awhile back that had a wing torn off from a dog so I know occasionally a dog will kill a bird. Anyway the woman's husband had meetings last night and I was even willing to go over at midnight to rescue them but he did not call me back until this morning and made arrangements to pick me up. I went to there house with three carriers with hopes of rescuing all of them.

I was totally amazed that the pigeons survived three or four days in there yard without a cat killing them. When I rescued the first pigeon the wing was not damaged from the dog at all but someone had cut half the pigeons flight feathers off. Then I rescued the second pigeon that was banded and I think it is a roller and it had half its flight feathers cut off. Then I rescued the third pigeon that was limping and it also had half of its flight feathers cut off.

So I told them I think the dog deserves a big apology and I actually think the Rottweiler was out there trying to protect the pigeons like a Guardian Angel. There was not one mark on any of the pigeons from the Rottweiler that could of easily killed all of them in a second. There is very few people that anyone can contact to get help for a pigeon so I am so happy she tracked me down on the Internet. I believe after I pull out all the damaged flight feathers and they grow back that all three pigeons will make a 100 percent recovery and can be released in a couple months.

How lucky those three pigeons were that I rescued them before a cat got to them. The lady and her husband were so thrilled the pigeons got saved and it was so nice that they went out of there way to get help for them. I have no idea why somebody did this deliberately to the pigeons and threw them into the yard but there is a lot of heartless people in the world that hurt animals and seem to enjoy it.

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