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Birdman - Pine Street Angel

April 2011

This is a story with such a very happy ending for my newest patient "Pine Street Angel"

 My friend Bruce Caron that has aviaries with a few hundred pigeons and a lot of them permanently disabled picked up three pigeons from me yesterday. So I have more cages available now and I only have two birds. The two birds I have left right now are Baby Baby the Tangerine Ringneck Dove that animal control seized and brought to me, and Baby Eleonora who is having some sort of genetic feather growing problem and growing her feathers in is a slow process. Under her wings and upper back and upper chest were pretty bare until recently but now some feathers are sprouting. But her head is as cute as could be and she looks like a Kung Fu Pigeon. She has solid black patches by her ears and a solid black patch on the back of her head and a solid black patch on the top of her head. I never seen a pigeon with anything like it and she looks like she was born in Singapore.

 I put her and Baby Baby together as companions and they get along really great together. One of the pigeons I gave Bruce yesterday was such a success story. When the girl brought the pigeon to me it had gotten attacked by a hawk and had two places where the claws went into the body. That caused the pigeon to wiggle loose from the hawk and get hit by a car. The bird was a absolute mess with little hopes of survival. All its feathers on the back were gone and most of its rear feathers were gone. It had a injury under a wing and it had a injury on the upper chest. It had a injury on its head. It had a broken leg up at the top and the leg was very swollen with his foot motionless and appeared to be crippled for life.

I started the pigeon on antibiotics right away and used diluted peroxide and betadine on the different wounds. I gave the foot a lot of therapy and one day I moved him to a larger cage and he walked on his foot that I thought would be paralyzed for life without limping much and it blew me away. He could not open and close the toes quickly but enough to walk on the foot. When I gave him to Bruce yesterday you barely could tell he ever had a problem and looked real good with his new feathers.

One bird I gave Bruce I had for months. It appeared he was having kidney failure with drinking water and peeing excessively but he never got weak and died. I never could figure out what was going on with him and sometimes even though it appears to be kidney failure it could be as simple as a salt deficiency. Here is the story on "Pine Street Angel" my rescue from yesterday.

An older woman around 75 yrs. old who was at McDonalds yesterday told me about a pigeon that hangs around 3rd. & Pine that really needed my help. I had my net with me in my bag and told her after I go to the post office which is only about two blocks away from 3rd. & Pine that I would go look for the hurt pigeon. When I got to the area I stood on the side of Starbucks backing up a little from customers sitting out at the tables and I was going to wait awhile and just watch. Then I noticed a opening across the street going into more shops and there was one pigeon I could see on the ground. I figured that would be a better place to start my journey.

When I went over there sure enough there was one more pigeon there on the ground with the pigeon I first seen and it was the injured pigeon I was looking for. I started throwing a little seed close to the small movie theatre that was closed and the injured pigeon just pecked away on the ground ignoring me completely. So finally I went over closer to him and started throwing seed and he got close enough for me to make a attempt to catch him with my net and I did not miss thank goodness. He already lost two toes on his right foot from being tied with human hair. His left foot was swollen bigger than a shooting marble and one toe was already gone. I worked on him for 2 1/2 hours until 2 a.m. this morning.

I don't think I ever had a pigeon with hair so embedded in his skin and it took forever getting all the strands out. Two extremely damaged toes had to come off leaving him with only one little toe on the foot. All the time I was working on him and it must of been so painful but he just stared at me with so much love and admiration and allowed me to do anything to him because he knew I was helping him. They always know the difference when you are helping them no matter how much pain it causes them. I learned that after working on hundreds and so many of the pigeons did not want to leave my hands when I would throw my hand forward to release them.

There had been so many pigeons that remained in my hand and would not take off when freedom was at there fingertips so to speak. One actually flew back and hugged my chest. I take a finger off a rubber glove and fill it with stop bleed powder. When a foot is this bad after I get done working on them I can't let them walk on it right away because bleeding could start. So I put the foot to heal in the finger of the rubber glove filled with stop bleed and wedge the foot deep down in it and tape it with thin strips of black electrical tape for two or three days and give them antibiotics.

In a week he will look reborn and what a thrill it is that god gave me the privilege and honor to be able to take there pain away. I feel so privileged that god chose me and gave me the opportunity to find my calling.

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