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The Pigeon named Pink Fairy at the Funk Fest

This is a really awesome rescue story because the odds were about a million to one against me that I could of ever pulled this off. And if it was not for my spiritual connection with the pigeons this could not have ever taken place.

 Saturday " 8/20/2011 "

 I received a phone call from Kate Karp. Kate & Judy Crumpton are the Columnist's for the Pet section of the Long Beach Post. Kate and Judy wrote the great story " A Wing and a Prayer " on my rescue work in the Long Beach Post and they are really great supporters of the rescue work I do.

 Kate was downtown walking along busy pine street and seen a couple women making deliveries to the Funk Fest trying to catch a hurt pigeon. She called me immediately and told me there was a pigeon needing help and said the pigeon was on Pine & Broadway area close to the pink berry. The pigeon got the cute name because I kept misunderstanding Kate and thought she was saying pink fairy.

 Anyway what would be the chances of me finding and rescuing this hurt bird in the middle of thousands of people everywhere in every direction. But like so many times before I believe my guardian angel guided the hurt bird right to me. In less than 5 minutes of me standing on the corner surrounded by tons of people the bird was standing in front of me. My only explanation for these things is that is why god hand picked me to be the Birdman of long beach and how I was fortunate enough to find my calling. So I was able to rescue the pigeon easily and was so thankful I had him in my possession.

Pink Fairy when rescued ( Rear feathers & some flight feathers gone with a injured foot )

 Then this really rude woman about 55 years old with her husband says very sarcastic to me " what ya gonna do with it, eat it " I guess because I had a backpack on wheels she assumed I was homeless. Well you can believe I put her in her place and her husband ended up shaking my hand and saying he was sorry about four times. I told her first of all a newspaper columnist sent me here to try and find and help this bird. That I have helped thousands of birds and few people in the world would of been there doing what I was doing. And it was totally inexcusable to talk to me so hateful.

 So I left with the new patient in a pouch and a minute later two policeman walking in the direction of Broadway and pine said to me. Are you the person catching birds and I said yes. I said I am the Birdman of long beach and a columnist for the long beach post sent me there to look for a injured pigeon. One of the policeman says. oh I know you and we talked before. He said he seen the hurt bird in the area himself. I said if you seen the bird would you recognize it and he said yes. I took it out of the pouch and he said yes that's the one. I shook there hand because they were a lot more respectful than most cops and told them I was really surprised they would even take the time to investigate someone catching a pigeon. But I guess because they were keeping a eye on the neighborhood because of the Funk Fest. And because someone lodged a complaint they were bound to check it out. And even though pigeons are not protected I guess if they seen someone hurting a pigeon they could arrest them for animal abuse. When I left the police and was going down Broadway.

 I had the chance to talk to a guy named Billy. He drove one of those motorized vehicles that you stand up on and drive on the sidewalk. They wear red uniforms and are some sort of paid citizens patrol to keep a watchful eye out for problems in the downtown area and contact the police immediately. He took a bunch of my business cards to give his supervisor and other employees to be able to call me when they see a hurt pigeon. And that's so great because a lot more lives can be saved with there help. Pink Fairy had all oh his rear feathers pulled out except one probably by getting under a car wheel. Some of his flight feather are broke on his right wing and he has a hurt leg. But I am sure now that he is safe he will make a full recovery thanks to the love for all animals that Kate Karp of the Long Beach Petpost has where her and Judy Crumpton dedicate there lives trying to help animals.

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Pink Fairy when released ( is that a happy face or what )

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