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Birdman - Pitbull and Security Guard

I met a security guard at Superior market that was going to turn his 1 year old male blue nose pit-bull over to animal control and it probably would of ended up being put to sleep. There's a security guard at McDonalds a block away getting ready for a long ocean sailboat trip in two weeks. I suggested he get the pit-bull from the other security guard and take the dog along as a companion. He thought it was a great idea and he had the gorgeous tan pit-bull with him at work tonight and I got to see him and he is simply beautiful and his name is dusty. I shared that with you because I know it warms your heart when there is good endings to animal stories and I knew it would make you smile. The new family member Angel the white weiner dog we rescued the 31st. Sept. has completely taken over our home. Wrestles all day long with babygirl and chases the cats and slobbers on me at night while I try to sleep. Life is so good and only because of the unconditional love we get from the animals. It would be such a sad lonely world without them.

Take care , Your friends , Danny & Babygirl & Angel & Shadow & Angel Baby & Princess & Baby Baby the bird.

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