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Poison Boxes in Long Beach - Endangering Animals

November 3, 2010

I just wanted to pass this information on because I doubt few people have observed this happening. All over Long Beach is those little rat poison boxes on the ground by buildings. Because I feed cats in about twelve locations every night along with my bird rescue. A couple times I spotted cats stalking the poison boxes looking for rats & mice coming out after eating the poison. I believe this would cause a secondary poisoning and probably kill the cat that ate the poisoned rats and mice going in the boxes.

I doubt anything can be done about it but I wanted to make you aware that this is happening to some degree. When I called the company that had one box in the grassy area by the nursing home on 9th & Lime and told them. The company immediately removed the box from that location leading me to think they don't want word of this getting around. Maybe if people were at least aware of this they would try harder to keep their household cats inside.

 Sincerely , Birdman of long beach

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