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Birdman - Saved a Life Today


 I saved a life today. When I was walking to the Post Office I always cut through the side streets. I always check the corner of 4th & Elm because I have rescued 5 or 6 pigeons on that corner in the past. Before I got to the corner I saw a few pigeons on the ground and more sitting on the street lights above. I knew within about a minute there would be quite a few pigeons wanting to be fed.

 I made sure I took my net with me because I rarely walk through downtown without seeing pigeons needing help. Within a couple minutes of feeding them a pigeon walked out from behind the planter in the corner. Then he went back and did not come right back out so I knew instantly it was a pigeon needing help. Pigeons just do not act like this so I am very thankful I had the experience to know something was not right.

 I walked over to the side of the planter and the pigeon walked out. I decided to go with my instinct and rescue him first and then see what was wrong with him. Sure enough when I rescued him half his flight feathers were completely gone from one wing making it impossible for him to fly. I sat down on the bus bench to give him water in a 3cc syringe. It was funny this homeless guy walks up and see's me holding the syringe and say oh, are you diabetic.

 There are quite a few cats around there so I do not think he would of made it through the night. What a beautiful day it turned out to be for both of us. I think there is a good chance that his feathers will grow back and he will make a full recovery. It really was his lucky day and a great way for me to start the new year.

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