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Winged 'Angel' in Distress at Starbucks, Rescuer Jumps In

I did not know this story was going to be in care2 this morning. I woke up to about 25 e-mails and received about $300.00 in donations today in PayPal. I only read about 1/3 of the comments so far but its so nice people are showing appreciation. And I am actually doing it Ann, and turning a lot of peoples negative feelings around a little at a time. I have quite a story of a pigeon I received today with feet that look worse than Starbucks Angel if you can believe that. I will probably work on him tomorrow and he will test all my doctoring ability when I work on him. It will be a interesting story when I am ready, and with photo's I will take in the morning before surgery (yikes) we love you and the pigeons and I are so blessed to have the support of you and Laura Simpson to help the cause I have been fighting for, for eight years. Thank you so very much and you are the reason I have come as far as I have.

Also the lady that brought me bird seed, dog food, and cat food two days ago. Her husband sent her over with two new 30 inch long cages for me today (wow).

full story:

by Laura Simpson
August 6, 2012

Recently, Long Beach, California resident Dan Lubniewski was on his way downtown to send a package to his son. As he made his way past a Starbucks with lines of customers and many coffee drinkers chatting at tables, his eyes scanned the flock of pigeons working their way along the parking area, and one bird in particular caught his attention. He could see there was a problem, a serious problem, with this pigeon's feet.

Starbucks Angel

Dan didn't have a net with him when he first encountered the pigeon, so he made a plan to come back at the same time of day on that Friday, and sure enough, the pigeon appeared within five minutes. Dan carefully moved in on the bird and secured him in a cardboard box.

'I have dedicated the last eight years of my life to rescuing and doctoring over 3,000 pigeons and Starbucks Angel was one of my worst rescues ever,' Dan said. 'He had lost use of all his toes from being entangled with human hair. I figure his toes had to have been tied and tortured for a minimum of two years for the condition to have gotten so severe.'

More Than 'Just a Pigeon'

While pigeons may seem like a strange choice to some, Dan can't see what all the fuss is about. In fact, he values the birds not only for their innate beauty, but for their history in assisting the military.

'So few people seem to realize that so many pigeons were decorated war heroes saving our troops' lives,' Dan explains, referring to the pigeons who saved hundreds of thousands of human lives by carrying messages across enemy lines during World War I and II.--They truly deserve more respect than they get. They are one of the most sweetest and gentle and loving birds you would ever see.'

Most nights Dan, a disabled veteran, can be found making his rounds with a bag of birdseed in one hand and a sack of cat food in the other. He firmly believes that rescue work is his life's calling and maintains a positive outlook even on days when he's not quite sure how he'll buy the next bottle of medicine or bag of food for the animals under his care. Dan invites anyone in the Long Beach, California area to contact him if they find an injured pigeon. Dan can be reached at and this email address may also be used to send financial support via Paypal.

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