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In the Bank of America parking lot on Cherry & Anaheim St. there is a lot of pigeons that sit above a medium size billboard. I try to go up there fairly often because there is a ledge below the billboard behind the bushes about 18 inches high and against a building that birds go sit on when they have injured wings etc. One day alone I spotted 2 birds sitting on the ledge from the bus and sure enough they both had broken wings. There also is a parking lot next to a liquor store about 50 yards away that birds go and sit in a corner usually when they are hurt or sick and I spotted quite a few birds needing help from the bus and rescued them over the years in that lot.

One day a pigeon fell behind the smaller than normal billboard in the Bank of America parking lot and was wedged in the side of it. First of all what would be the chance of me ever finding this bird wedged in there and the bird still be alive. Well I looked up under the billboard and couldn't believe I seen some movement from the bird and now the story gets good. How do I pry the billboard out a little to release the bird.

Well as miracles seem to happen with me. The liquor store parking lot 50 yards away just happen to have a 2 x 4 in the parking lot just laying there for me to take over and pry the billboard out enough to free the bird. Just the fact I seen him wedged in there and he was still alive was a billion to one. Then take into consideration I may be the only guy in the USA running around on the streets carrying a rescue net looking for injured pigeons to help. Take into consideration the size of the USA. Then take into consideration a 2 x 4 just happened to materialize when I needed it to save one of god's wonderful creatures. I would say that this bird beat the odd's of the Mega lottery about a million times over wouldn't you say. 2 x 4 just laying there for me. Ummmmmmmmmmm veryyyyyyyyy strange.

When I came up with this idea I truly wasn't expecting miracles. I really did feel that no one owed me anything and rescuing and saving the birds was my idea. But I also thought well I am dedicating my life to saving god's creatures so I made a nice flyer up to send to church's. I made sure they knew on the flyer that I did not want a dime from anyone. If anyone would of just been willing to help me with bird seed or medicine that would of been enough of a blessing.

So in the flyer I explained what I was doing and that I was homeless at the time and that I was only getting about $221.00 a month and also some food stamps. I may have technically been homeless but didn't feel like it. I worked about 14 hours a day 7 days a week the whole year and a half I was homeless rescuing and doctoring birds all over the place and busing hundreds of birds to the wildlife hospital. All my money went on medicine and bird seed. I never even ate at the free food places and I really do not have any idea how I did what I did then.

The 2 page story the Pet Press did on me and the story the Press Telegram did on me on my rescue operation in 2005 was while I was homeless. I feel I accomplished a lot for a guy that was homeless and I felt in my heart I was a good reflection on Long Beach. I can say to this day 6 years later that I don't feel anyone of importance in the city appreciated my efforts.

Anyway I sent the flyer I made up to the approx. 176 church's and to prove to all the churches that I wrote to that I was not a scammer. I told each one of them that if anyone would be willing to help me with birdseed or medicine. That they could make a check out to Jedd's bird supply in Anaheim and write on the bottom of the check for medicine only for Dan Lubniewski. And also I had a little 99 cent store next to Taco Bell that would accept any check sent to them to help me with birdseed and to make sure they put on the bottom of the check for birdseed only for Dan Lubniewski.

Well I said I wasn't expecting miracles but I must admit I still was a little surprised. I never got the first 99 cent bag of birdseed. I never got a phone call or e-mail saying thanks for helping god's creatures or anything. And I didn't get any help with medicine either. So if you wonder why I have my beautiful relationship with god at home instead of walking into a church this is why. I always believed that if I would of contacted the same 176 churches and told them to meet me somewhere to pick up a donation for their church. That probably the biggest majority of them would of showed up quickly and its kind of sad.

Like I said I was not expecting miracles. But I desperately could of used a little help and they sure disappointed me. All the Divine Interventions god blesses me with has only strengthened my relationship with god. But as for churches I lost all faith in them.

Sept 2010

If a person didn't know me they might have doubts about my latest story. I don't know if this was divine intervention but it sure could of been. I was walking down 10th Street around 11 a.m. today with Babygirl about 30 yards from where I rescued the bird inside the fence of the building that was closed about a week and a half ago. I saw a blue jay laying in the street by the curb on its side and obviously it was dead or was it Ummmmmmmmmmmmm. So I kneeled down for a closer look and there was a live mouse next to the bird and the bird blinked.

Well they both were stuck to a glue trap about 7 inches by 7 inches long. Unbelievable huh and this had to be my strangest rescue of all time.

So I put the glue trap in a bag and took it home. The mouse could not be saved unfortunately but I was able to get the bird off of the glue trap but one flight wing was really gooked up with glue. So Christina from Southbay Wildlife picked it up at 7:30 this evening and the blue jay will make a full recovery

Then about a week later walking down the street a blue jay flies down and lands on a post that was shoulder level to me a few feet from me and just looks at me and I truly believe it was connected to saving the blue jay and we were getting a thank you delivered to us in person

I bet for sure the blue jay stuck to the glue trap believes that this was a divine intervention { Ha Ha } That was the first time I held a blue jay and they are really pretty. I hope the beautiful blue jay has a lifetime mate it can go back to and live a beautiful life with and that it learned a valuable lesson to stay the hell away from those dam glue traps that should be outlawed because they are so cruel.

Talk about strange things happening to me. In the story the Long Beach Petpost wrote about my rescue operation last veterans day. I had Judy & Kate who wrote the great story put information and links in the story educating people about wartime pigeons and how so many pigeons were decorated for bravery saving thousands of American troops lives in World War II. And that they are war heroes and also many received the Dickens Medal for bravery. Then I met a lady within months of the story being written name Marilyn Westmoreland. Her father & mother are in this photo that I am sending you from World War II. He trained the pigeons during WW II and also her father was Welterweight Boxing Champion of Great Britain and he also was a horse Vet. Unfortunately he became a prisoner of war for 5 years that ruined his health. Marilyn's husband that died is the cousin to the famous General Westmoreland. Her daughter is the personal assistant to Kelsey Grammer of Frazier. Marilyn came and rescued birds with me at the Aquarium one day and I think I untied about 7 birds when we were together. She said it was the most awesome experience of her life saving those birds from so much further torture. I think by Marilyn helping me that day it was all part of honoring her fathers legacy and she understood more about his love for pigeons after spending the day with the Birdman of Long Beach. She was the first person in six years that even offered to help me for one day or be part of this beautiful life saving experience. I don't understand why it is so hard for people to go out of there way to help a pigeon that is suffering so bad. Everybody everywhere sees pigeons suffering with tied feet etc. and yet so few people care and just walk past them acting like they don't see the helpless little bird needing help or offering to help them. I feel that it is our responsibility to help gods creatures when we see that they are hurt and in need of our help and that it is cowardly to turn your back on them and not even attempt to help them.

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