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Birdman of Long Beach, Stories (page 4)

Heartless City of Long Beach

Behind the American Hotel on first street where I had to go in 5 different times to rescue birds that the city sealed in the hotel to die a slow death. Where the bus transit information booth was they decided to build a new city run bicycle rental shop. The construction of it was like 98 percent see through glass. Pigeons started flying into the clear glass and were breaking there wings and legs left and right and a lot of birds died on the spot. All anyone would of had to do was put a strip of colored tape or something on the clear glass on the inside so the birds would not fly into the clear glass. I went inside and complained a number of times and just got smart ass remarks from everyone I talked to like its not my problem. Also they were leaving balloon strings all around the area from the farmers market and birds were getting there feet and legs tied from the balloon string. I e -mailed complaints and left messages to everyone you could of think of in the city including the mayor and not once did anyone ever send a reply to any of my e-mails or return a call or do anything about any of the problems to help the birds. Hard to believe the people that run the city can be so dam heartless.

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