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Birdman - Baby Tangerine Ringneck Dove

Dear Ann,

   It's strange how things turn out years after you meet someone. The story you posted on Beth Byrnes. It's the story where I was sitting on the ground across from my storage unit in 2005 around the corner working on a horribly tied Pigeon. Somehow this woman spotted me from her car and it was very strange because you could hardly see me there to begin with. It was not the best of neighborhoods and she lived in the Suburbs.

 Anyway she comes running up to me like she was experiencing the biggest miracle of her life. First words out of her mouth were I prayed & prayed & prayed & prayed & prayed to get the tied birds at Seal Beach Pier help and nothing in this world would ever convince her that meeting me like that was not a divine intervention. And in reality I guess the odds would of been a few billion to one that she would spot one of the few people in the world sitting on a side street doctoring a hurt pigeon.

 So I started going to Seal Beach Pier and e-mailing her regularly telling her each time birds were saved in her honor and she got the biggest kick out of that. Well not long ago I went to her house with Christina Roblotto that works for Southbay Wildlife for breakfast so they could meet. Christina has been fixing broken legs & wings for me for at least 5 years out of the kindness of her heart. Well Beth started volunteering with Southbay Wildlife helping pick up injured Hawks & Owls etc. and Beth released her first Kestrel two days ago and was so excited.

 And although I fell in love with Baby Baby the Tangerine Ringneck Dove since animal control brought her to me on Feb. 11th. I made a decision out of love instead of selfishness and Beth is going to take the Dove and put it in her small outside Aviary with some exotic little birds she has. I hold Baby Baby and love on her but she is still confined to a cage and at Beth's she will have the life of a Princess. Sometimes it pretty amazing the chain of events that take place a few years later after meeting someone in such a strange way.

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