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Pigeons Feet Tied Together

We had a really cool rescue yesterday, 11/21/2011, and although we already took him back and released him today where we rescued him at.

He escaped what would of seemed like a lifetime of torture to him in the near future when the hair tightened on his toes cutting off circulation. Actually I think a kitten gets the credit for his rescue because it came up to me crying for food.

I was with my two dogs feeding the pigeons by this alley a couple blocks from where we live where we feed them everyday. I was trying to rescue this banded pigeon that was getting almost close enough to catch in my hands. Something spooked the birds and they flew off for a few minutes. So we walked up to the next corner where we feed the cats every night to check there water. A kitten that we feed every evening showed up early crying for food and they do know how to work me.

So we decided to walk home and get him a can of food and when we got back the banded pigeon I was trying to rescue was gone. But a pigeon showed up with a tied foot and it looked like every toe on his left foot was tied. I knelt down holding Babygirl my pit bull in my left hand and was hoping that I could get him to come close enough to grab him in my right hand. It is amazing the love and trust they have for Babygirl and walk right in front of her face. Well there was only one chance for a couple seconds where he got close enough for me to try and grab him. When I grabbed him I actually caught two pigeons in my hand and immediately released the one I was not trying to catch.

To my amazement he had both of his feet tied together with human hair. I usually can tell before I rescue them that both of there feet are tied together in bondage. But this time the hair color was so light that I could not see that both of his feet were tied together. It just melts my heart when I rescue the pigeons that have there feet tied together in bondage so I can release them from the horrible life they are living. I mentioned this before but I think a lot of pigeons get there feet and toes tied in there own nesting material. They sit on there eggs all day long with nothing to do and quite often they get themselves into deep trouble.

I found a website yesterday and it is really wonderful called "" It is Donna Handforth's website. They have posters that anyone can download free. The posters are for anyone to circulate and post around piers and other places where people fish. The posters are warning people and letting them know that countless birds are getting tied with fishing line and kite strings etc. that are discarded carelessly. Since I have untied over a thousand birds myself I can truly appreciate the efforts that Donna Handforth is making and I am so happy that I found her website.

In one of my stories I was blasting the city for not doing anything about the balloon strings that were not taken down after the farmers market. Pigeons were getting there legs and feet tied in the string and none of the city officials seemed to care. I have untied hundreds of pigeons at the piers that were tied from fishing line that was carelessly discarded so I hope these posters Donna Handforth created help educate people and hopefully they will try to be more careful to protect the birds.

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