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Birdman - Wally at Walmart

The night that I rescued Lucky on my way to Walmart it prevented me from ever getting there. I finally made it to Walmart on Wed. 8/31/2011. The area across from Walmart is where I have rescued over a hundred pigeons.

 When I went over there after shopping I felt really uncomfortable because of some of the young guys hanging out over there looked like gang members. So I just sat there for over a hour without feeding any pigeons for the first time ever hoping the young guys would leave. But then the strangest thing happened that changed everything instantly. A pigeon flew down and landed about 6 feet directly in front of me and just laid down and looked at me. Up until that moment I had not put any seed on the ground and I could tell instantly that both of his feet were tied really bad.

So then it did not matter anymore about who was hanging around over there because this pigeon really needed my help. I immediately got up and started giving him some seed so I could get the right opportunity to rescue him.

Well one of the security guards for the mall area comes over and says you can't do that. I said you can't stop me from rescuing a injured bird. We almost got into a argument and I said if he pursues interfering with my rescue that he could regret it. He was on the phone calling his supervisor or maybe even the cops when I handed him one of my business cards " Birdman of long beach "

That kind of shut him up and I finally rescued the little guy that I named Wally. I named him Wally because my friends Judy & Kate of the Long Beach Post suggested it and it really was the perfect name. Wally turned out to be the first pigeon in my seven years of rescue that I ever had to remove six toes because they were so severely damaged. The good news is he has the little toe left on each foot that will definitely help his balance.

 I can't say Wally is the worst rescue I ever had but he is definitely at the top of the list of my all time worst rescues. The spiritual connection between us that brings so many injured pigeons right to me for help just blows me away. Wally is already completely healed and enjoying life without pain for the first time that he can probably remember.

 oh, by the way Wally is helping me write this rescue story. He is sitting here in my left hand with a big smile on his face.


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Rescue photo

This leg healed in 3 days

Both feet healed in 4 days


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