Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at Walmart I rescued a pigeon with both feet swelled and its feet were tied horrible. I also went back on Wednesday to find another pigeon that I had seen on Tuesday with its legs tied together horrible and rescued it. It had to of been tied with its feet tied together in bondage for over two years to ever get a foot so big and swelled and deformed and this was one of the worst rescues I ever had in almost 7 years. I worked on one at 2 a.m. Tuesday & the other 2 a.m. Wednesday. I removed two horribly damaged toes from the bird Wednesday and untied it and have it on antibiotics and soaking its feet twice a day and it already looks a thousand percent better. I put both birds from Walmart to heal together and they are falling in love which is so cool and soon they will start a pain free new life together. A lady brought me a bird from Los Angeles by train yesterday that a cat hurt its eye and the eye medicine is helping and it looks like the bird will not lose its eye. Babygirl loves kissing them all trying to get them well with her healing tongue and she is so awesome.

On our property where I live. When I moved in I trapped the cats around the property and got them fixed and shots and treated for fleas. A beautiful white cat with black markings disappeared for about 3 days that I adored and I was the only one that could pet her. Last night I heard a cats cries from the next property. The people were not home and I went into the back yard following her cries calling me and she was locked in a shed that had bicycles etc. Wow was that a Divine Intervention or what and for sure I will be her hero for life. I was so worried she got run over or something and she has a mate here that is feral and they are inseparable. What a great ending to this story as her mate might of died of a broken heart.

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