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Birdman - Comments on Wild Parrots Movie

Dear Ann,

 I just finished watching the movie "Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" I never had so many tears in my life over a movie. I guess its because I related to him so much and we both have done something in our life that maybe no one else has ever done. I really felt his pain from my own personal experiences and the love in his heart is incredible. He is such a brilliant man and what a happy ending for him. I wonder if he visits the flock or if it is to painful. I have a feeling he does not because it would hurt to much. I wish I could get the support he gets from my life helping pigeons but I do get it from you ( and that means the world to me ) Maybe one day I will have a few short Documentaries. I buried a Conure in the planter outside of Starbucks across from Wal-Mart which I have photo's of somewhere here. This stupid woman who had my phone number and knew I would help did not tell me the Conure was sick until it was almost ready to die. The asshole husband would abuse it and throw it in the cage if it would not eat with him I was told. So I went over to her apartment and walked in and took the Conure with me and thank god for him he did not try to stop me. But the Conure named Peanuts died within a couple days and I could not save him and it broke my heart. Maybe reliving those moments is part of the reason this movie was so hard on me. The Conure deserved so much more than he received from that sick piece of garbage and I still want to kick his (well you know what).

 Sorry I went on and on and on.

 Your friends Danny, Babygirl, Angel & Family.

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