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Birdman Gets Anonymous Letter of Appreciation

One of the nicest things happened to me today to show me appreciation for my rescue work

The girl that lives in the first apartment came to my door. She said a lady ask her to give me this stuff. There was two 20 pound bags of rice for the birds. A new 5 hole flute of some kind made out of cedar with 5 holes. Its about three foot long and about 1 1/2 inch wide in a velvet case. Something like David Carodine in Kung Fu carried. Which is kind of funny really because I do feel like the pied piper of pigeons the way they follow me all over town. And the most beautiful handmade card from a child. The front has a painted picture of nine flowers above. Then a tree with a guy standing next to it { me } with a pigeon on my head. Two pigeons on the ground to the right. And each letter on my name above the picture of me is turning the D A N into a pigeon and how cute is that. The letter inside says

Dan, here is a small offering for the beautiful work you do in saving under appreciated lives. Thank you for touching the world with your compassion. Then there is a Heart & Peace & Heart = Happiness.

The only sad part of all this is it does not tell me who it is from. So Please if anybody out there knows who dropped this off " Please let me know as I would really appreciate it

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