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Birdman - Limpy with broken leg

This is a really heartwarming rescue story. We feed the pigeons twice a day at the gas station on the corner of 7th. & Martin Luther King. It is the same gas station where we rescued the pigeon 8/8/2011 that had so many toes on both feet tied so bad.

 Friday 9/2/2011 when me and Babygirl and Angel went to the gas station to feed the pigeons. A pigeon came down and landed by my feet with a broken leg. I was already throwing seed at least 6 feet away from us before I realized there was a pigeon needing help.

So he was not forced to come within rescue distance of me to be able to eat yet he came right to my feet. Out of all the pigeons on the ground he was the only one that came right to my feet. I hooked the dogs up to the dumpster gate and prayed I could grab him in my hand since I did not have my net with me. He obviously came to me for help and made it easy to grab him. Danny the Spanish manager there had given me permission to feed the pigeons by the dumpster area because he likes pigeons.

The Spanish woman that works the afternoon shift came out swinging a broom at the pigeons to chase them off seconds after I rescued this guy. I tried to tell her the manager gave me permission to feed the birds and she acted like she did not understand a word I was saying. It is really sad that there are so many mean spirited people in the world. I think it is so beautiful how the pigeon came right to my feet because he knew that I would help him.

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