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Birdman, April 14, 2011

Dear Ann,

I surely am part of the animal rights movement except most of my energy goes to defending defenseless pigeons although I have rescued so many other animals. Its amazing and disgusting how many people will push elderly people around feeding pigeons. I always have my hat on that says Marine and isn't it odd that rarely does anyone say anything to me because I am not easy to abuse and push around. I would probably go to my grave defending any animal being abused in front of me. A girl years ago ran across the sidewalk to step on a waterbug for no logical reason whatsoever. I jumped smack in her Sh&#t and she could not believe it. I doubt she ever killed anything just for pleasure ever again a neighbor fireman in Temecula did the same thing and ran across his yard and squashed a bee on his garage just to be a asshole. How do people figure our lives are more important than the often very short lives of other of god's creatures. When I raised Cockatiels in Temecula Ca. when I had my house for 10 years. I would catch mice and put them in a empty 100 gal. aquarium until I had a lot of them and take them somewhere and release them do I know how to make friends or what { Ha Ha Ha } and I would spray water on the ceilings for the daddy long legs we are definitely making some impact. Its amazing how many homeless people and drug addicts have brought me injured pigeons because I showed so many people the wounds up close and there tied feet and made them realize we are so many animals only hope. God has been so good to me and you giving us this opportunity to help his creatures. I hope if and when we make it to heaven God will let us be friends for eternity and we could kind of look after his animals

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