I have not written a rescue story lately and this was a really heartwarming one. It all started with a young pigeon that left his nest early. He must of injured his eye when he left the nest probably hitting the ground because it was swelled shut the poor baby. Luckily I had eye medicine and in three days he could open it completely and I think he will make a full recovery.

This is where Bruno & Sox come in. I had this rescued pigeon in a screened rescue bag bringing him into my apartment and two dogs came running by me. One was a beautiful big full grown German Shepherd named Bruno and the little dog his traveling companion's name was SOX. I could see they both had tags and must of gotten out of their yard. Somehow I coaxed the big dog to come to me and I got a hold of his collar which meant nothing considering that big brute could of chewed my arm off to get loose { Ha Ha Ha }

Thank god the little dog would not leave the big dogs side and followed us into my 8 unit gated apartment complex. I didn't know what to do with them as my landlord Malcolm Armstrong has basically tortured me over my bird rescue. Well as luck would have it - or - maybe once again my precious guardian angel putting her two cents in. There was a sign on the washing machine saying it was broke and the first time I ever seen it broke in 2 1/2 yrs. So I decided to use the laundry room as a holding cell overnight. This was Tuesday 2/1/2011 when I rescued the dogs and Animal Control would not pick them up until Wednesday. I could not put the big German Shepherd in my apartment with my pit bull Babygirl but I had to help the dogs and keep them from possibly getting run over on the street running loose.

Animal control picked them up on Wednesday and had the dogs home address which meant thank god they would make it back home safe where they lived. The German Shepherd Bruno was so big he could put his paws on my shoulders. He kept climbing on me with his paws in the back area when I was sitting in a chair slobbering on my face. It was incredible having this gentle giant almost the size of a pony forcing his slobber kiss's on me and I will remember this beautiful German Shepherd forever without a doubt. Maybe he was saying thank you for helping them or maybe its just my irresistible charm with animals { Ha Ha }

Anyway my landlord confronted me about rescuing the dogs and now has threatened me with a 60 day eviction if you can believe that and this is my reward for saving two dogs lives. The only reason I put the dogs in the laundry room was because the washing machine was broke and no one could use the laundry room and it was a perfect holding cell until the next day. I completely locked the room and also put a sign on the door saying rescued dogs inside. My landlord says I crossed the line using the laundry room for rescues. Frankly I don't care because nobody could ever stop me from helping any animal in trouble because my life is animal rescue and I do it so proudly.

Another rescue from Walmart. This poor bird was a mess and must of been tied up forever it must of seemed to him. I wouldn't be surprised if he had been tied for more than 1 1/2 yrs. He had the same kind of string tied to both feet but it broke somewhere along the way that tells me the bird had both legs tied together at some point for god knows how long. The one foot that was so damaged was actually tied with human hair. This leads me to believe it was done in its own nesting materials because of the combination of being tied with string and human hair. I believe many birds sit in there nests twiddling there feet around for 18 to 21 days approx. sitting on there eggs to hatch and get their feet tied with the strings etc. that they bring to build there nest with. Anyway this poor bird had one toe completely black and dead from no circulation. Its big middle toe was so swelled and infected and I must of spent over a hour pulling out strands of embedded hair before I realized the toe could not be saved. So after a couple weeks of soaking his foot and giving him antibiotics he was finally pain free and ready to go back and look for his lost love. When I released him instead of leaving right away he flew directly across from my apartment door and sat on a wrought iron gate about 10 foot high for 45 minutes. You never seen a happier or more proud looking bird in your life because this was his first taste of being pain free in probably as long as he can remember. He sat on the gate sitting so proud and expanding his chest like he was saying heh look at me now and it was the cutest thing you ever seen. Finally he flew off and most likely headed to Walmart where his friends hang out.

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