I give my homeless friend Donny a few dollars each time he gives me a pigeon needing help as a incentive. He called me yesterday 1/8/2012.

 He found a pigeon sitting close to McDonald's door that appeared to be poisoned but it could be something else. I gave him a charcoal capsule for poisoning and did not expect him to make it through the night ( but he did ) so maybe there is a slim chance.

 I started doing something new with each patient. I have a Guardian Angel statue always hanging above the door. There is a wooden fish on it on a chain that says Jesus. So with each new patient, me, the Guardian Angel statue, the Jesus fish and the Pigeon does a group hug. I know it sounds silly but I also know God really loves his animals and I think he really hurts over the treatment some animals get from people.

 It is my way of letting my patients know God loves them and will always take care of them no matter what happens. When I rescued the Rooster at my door I thought about mentioning this in the story on the Rooster but I did not. My Guardian Angel Statue that hangs at the top of the door facing the couch where I work on my patients. The day the Rooster showed up is the first time the statue turned and was facing the front security screen door where the Rooster was standing. I may not be able to prove the Rooster showing up at my apartment door was a divine intervention but I truly believe it is a possibility.

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