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Confronted by S.B. Police, L.B. Animal Control and Main Life Guard on Seal Beach Pier

This probably happened after I rescued my first 200 birds in 2005. I was at Seal Beach Pier and had about 3 birds in carriers to work on. A bird showed up with a foot the size of a golf ball and it had the most Cancerous looking foot I ever seen. I have no idea how he survived so long and its beyond me. The foot was like 95 percent off and I had to get it off because he started bleeding and was going to die. Talk about Divine Interventions. This had to be the best one ever. I mean this bird had the most messed up foot ever for a extremely long period of time to get in that condition. And the bird doesn't start to bleed to death until he is in my hands within seconds. Anyway someone went to the guard shack at the end of the pier and said there was this crazy guy out on the pier taking feet off birds. " and to top it off I was homeless at the time " I am surprised the cop didn't show up with his gun drawn yikes .

This is where it kind of gets funny ! The policeman Al Cabrerra from Seal Beach Police Dept. walks up to me and says - Something about you taking a foot off a bird - I said yes. The policeman says are you a vet and I said yes { A Marine } and I just wasn't thinking because if anyone ever mentioned the word vet to me being a U.S.M.C. veteran it was always military connected. Anyway can you believe they all were so impressed with me dedicating my life to helping the birds out of the love in my heart that they left and allowed me to continue working on the birds which I still had a couple pigeons in carriers to untie.

And when I left and I was walking down second street I ran into the policeman Al Cabrerra walking down the street and he ask me how it went. I told him I untied the other birds feet and soaked them in peroxide and released them. He gives me one of his business cards and says if anyone ever screws with me in Seal Beach or the pier meaning other policeman to have them call him { cool huh } and I can say this is the first real respect that was shown to me for all my efforts.

And 5 years later Debbie Raebacker at Animal Control sends me some pigeons now and then " Wild huh " And Baby Baby my white banded racing pigeon that thinks she is human and stands on my head when I shave. Debbie Raebacker at animal control had them bring her to me over a year ago. Another bird animal control sent to me that someone set on fire. I pulled every single feather on its body out little by little so the birds feathers could grow back beautiful again. Its beak had peeled and toe nails came off. And he recovered completely about 99 percent in time and turned out to be one of the strongest birds I ever had. Talk about a great survival story and all I can say is it was simply amazing. Danny & Babygirl

Community Pet Hospital - Sam Steers did Surgery on a Pigeon out of Kindness of his Heart

My friend Sam Steers owns the Community Pet Hospital at 5858 E. Spring St. in Long Beach California. I met him by going to his Pet Hospital by mistake on Spring St. when I was looking for a job at Animal Control on Spring a few years ago. He was just opening the hospital and I started going there and helping him with outside work getting it ready to open. He thought I was nuts going there and working for nothing and he couldn't believe I was there helping him simply because he needed help and he just knew I had to have some ulterior motives. But now he will tell anyone in the world he thinks I am one of the most stand up guys he ever met and we became the very best of friends. I rescued a pigeon with about 6 tumors on its body the size of marbles. Sam wanted to see the bird before a decision to put the bird to sleep was made. After looking at the bird Sam said it would need to be put to sleep and as I left the hospital Sam seen some tears in my eyes and it bothered him. It wasn't because I bonded that close to the bird but because it was going to lose its life. Well Sam couldn't stand me looking sad and called me two days later and said he had a surprise for me. Sam did surgery on the bird and removed the six tumors. I kept the bird a couple months before releasing it and not one tumor reappeared Is that not a beautiful story or what. And you wonder why I absolutely think the world of Sam Steers. How many people would of done this surgery on a pigeon off the street to try and save its life out of the kindness of there heart. Sam's love for animals is why he is a veterinarian and its not just about money for him. He's one of the most caring people I have ever met and he is a angel walking earth in human form and I just know it

Shanghai Chinese Food - Pigeons come out at 10 p.m. to greet me every evening

One night I was getting off the shuttle bus across from the Shanghai Wok little Chinese restaurant close to 7th. & L.B .Blvd. The black woman bus driver who I knew. I said watch when I get off the bus { its about 10 P.M. } and of course everyone knows pigeons do not come out at night. I told her I will whistle across long beach blvd. and 4 pigeons will drop down from the Canopy at the Chinese restaurant and fly across Long Beach Blvd. to me. Of Course she said you're crazyyyyy. Well the next time I seen her she said I told everyone in long beach about that and I still don't believe it - Ha H Ha Danny & Babygirl

Beth Byrnes - Her Divine Intervention got me going to Seal Beach Pier to help the birds

This is a strange story. I was across from my storage unit on Anaheim sitting on the ground around the corner of the side street in not the best neighborhood working on a pigeon. This nice looking blond lady comes running up to me and somehow spotted me sitting on the ground from her car. She lives in the suburbs of long beach and owns Equipro Horse Supplies. I don't even know what she was doing around that neighborhood or how she ever seen me or what I was doing on the ground. Her name is Beth Byrnes and she said she prayed & prayed & prayed & prayed to get the birds at Seal Beach Pier help and then she spots me { actually chances of winning the mega lottery probably would of been better in reality } And nothing to this day could convince her that this was not a Divine Intervention. So of course I started going out to Seal Beach Pier and helping the birds and every bird I work on I send her a e-mail and say another bird saved in your honor and we are friends to this day a few years later. She has helped me out a few times with medicine and even bought my PMV virus vaccine. And Christina that helps me with broken wings & legs from Southbay Wildlife. Beth has started volunteering for Southbay Wildlife and helping Christina by picking up and transporting injured birds. Danny & Babygirl

Crossing guard and 50 Birds following me across 7th. & L.B. Blvd. Intersection walking

I almost fell over myself on this one. And I thought I seen about everything with my pigeon friends I was crossing the intersection on 7th. & L.B. Blvd. and about 50 pigeons start walking across rush hour traffic with me with the crossing guard. I can honestly say it blew a few people away including me. I do know how it feels to be stalked.

Anaheim Angel

I was on the bus going to the Post Office on Anaheim a couple blocks before Redondo. I seen a pigeon laying in the middle of the road from the bus with heavy traffic both ways. I had to jump off the bus and at least get the body disposed of and give the little guy some dignity back. Also to top it off he was in the lane cars turn into to make there turn so they don't slow traffic down.

Well contrary to any belief I could of had he was alive although he didn't seem to have much life. I figured for sure he had gotten hit because he was in the turning lane in the middle of rush hour traffic. Well I have experienced enough Divine Intervention to know this was another one that God Blessed me with { So I believe 100 % in these divine interventions God is Blessing me with. After about 3 days with the bird and hand feeding it.

I was pretty much convinced the bird wasn't hit and was holding his head down in a weird angle to the ground because he had PMV virus a neurological central nervous system disorder that acts on birds like tourette syndrome does with people with involuntary movements. I have a photo of a pigeon with his head pulled way back on his back looking upwards towards the sky { that is PMV Virus } So then as I suspected this bird started putting his head down to the floor standing like that for hours at a time. So I talked to Christina my friend with Southbay Wildlife who helps me with broken legs & wings and we decided it would be better not to let the bird suffer rather than stand with his head to the floor most of the day.

I forgot to mention the bird also had a severe respiratory problem one of the worse I ever encountered. I was suppose to meet Christina with the bird the next morning and give it to her. This is where the story gets good. All of a sudden since yesterday afternoon after I talked to Christina Anaheim Angel started sitting up 90 percent normal and I just checked again and he is still sitting 90 percent normal Explanation I think only God has the explanation on this one.

So he's still with me and I didn't take him to Christina the next morning as planned because now there seems to be some hope. I have held him so many hours in my arms and he has captured a piece of my heart. If he survives his permanent God gifted name will be Anaheim Angel Its a few months later now and here is the update on Anaheim Angel It took twice as much medicine as normal to clear up the respiratory problem and a lady called me to pick up a young pigeon that left the nest early.

I decided to see what would happen if I put the baby together with Anaheim Angel and it was such a heartwarming experience. Quickly the baby was chasing Anaheim Angel flapping its wings like a maniac and Anaheim Angel climbed half way up the cage to get away from the nutty baby looking for a substitute mommy. Well within a hour they both started roll playing . Anaheim Angel pretended this was her baby.

And the baby pretended this was its mommy and from that moment on they were by each others side every minute of every day Anaheim Angel recovered completely from the PMV virus. And they both went over to my friend Bruce Caron's house to live out a beautiful life of luxury together. Bruce lives in Torrance California and is a Marine Corp. Veteran like myself. He has built big aviaries and he has a few hundred pigeons in them with the majority of the birds permanently disabled for one reason or another. And he offers them a permanent life of love and happiness. So what a beautiful ending to this story about Anaheim Angel and her baby.

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