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Birdman: Lucky Friday 13th


Out of over 3,000 rescues in 8 yrs this is only the second time ever that a pigeon lost six toes because his toes were so damaged from being tied with human hair.

 I went up to McDonalds because I seen a pigeon there that had both of his feet tied together in bondage with hopes of rescuing him. There was three different pigeons there needing help but none of them would get close enough for me to try and rescue them with my net. I try very hard to be more patient now than I use to be. It is very easy to over react and try to rescue them to quickly because I want to help them so bad and end there suffering. If I try to catch them in my net and miss. Then sometimes it is a couple months before they get close enough again for me to rescue them. I usually end up rescuing most of the pigeons that need my help because I keep going back and looking for them. Even though the three pigeons at McDonalds would not get close enough today for me to rescue them.

 I was so happy that the pigeon that had his feet tied together was able to break his feet free although he still needs for me to untie him. Then I went to the Bank of the West by Albertsons. Across from the bank is Starbucks where I have rescued so many pigeons. They sit on top of Albertsons facing Starbucks and also hang out at Walmart one block away. I was there less than two minutes and two pigeons with there toes tied very bad landed together in front of me.

 I decided to rescue the first one that got close enough and had one in my possession in a couple minutes. I knew instantly he was one of my all time worst rescues and would lose most of his toes. I figure his toes must have been tied and tortured like this for at least two years for his toes to be this damaged. So this rescue really was a true blessing.

 I worked on him yesterday Friday the 13th. ( Luckiest day of his life ) and he lost six toes leaving one small toe on each foot just like my one other rescue that lost six toes only leaving a small toe on each foot. But actually having that small toe on each foot I believe it helps with there balance tremendously. Most of the pigeons running around with only a couple toes do great as long as they are not in pain and they rarely even have a limp. I have both of his feet bandaged until Monday and then he will be almost completely healed. There will be photo's of this rescue to follow showing the before and after. It is very impressive seeing how fast they heal once the damaged tissue is gone and also giving them antibiotics twice a day.

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