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Birdman on People who Abuse Animals

During my years of pigeon rescue I have had situations very hard to deal with and some I have already written about. For at least 5 or 6 years that I am aware of there has been this guy trapping pigeons illegally around Long Beach California and the pier area's . I confronted and stopped the guy twice on 10th. & L.B. Blvd. where we lived for 3 years and doctored the birds in our fenced in area. About 6 weeks ago a friend told me this guy trapped a lot of birds behind McDonalds on 7th. & L.B. Blvd. and about 90 percent of the birds I bonded the closest with over the years were gone and I am sure they are dead. And some of the birds in the photo's I sent you were probably some of the birds trapped by this guy making this real personal.

 The guy had a white truck with the license number 7x5 3432 on 1/17/2008 the last time I confronted him. I had heard a few times through the years that Magnolia Bird Farm buys pigeons for $1.00 each and resells them for $2.00 each for target practice and training Hawks and Falcons etc. But it was not until about 2 weeks ago I knew for sure. I have a friend a older guy named John Wolmack. He has had racing birds for many years. He also has been giving the vaccine for PMV virus to a lot of the different racing clubs birds for years. I was talking to him and I don't remember what brought the subject up. But he said Magnolia Bird Farm in two different locations have been buying pigeons for $1.00 each for 20 years at least.

So I guess this sheds some light why the guy is trapping the pigeons illegally in the city. For the last few weeks I have John Keisler manager of Animal Control backing me to try and get this guy caught and arrested thank god. It was Animal Control that sent me my white banded racing bird named Baby Baby over a year ago that is a family member and is so sweet and stands on my head when I shave. I have contacted the Beach Comber , Press Telegram , Terry Whatley of Pigeon Talk Forum , Lori Golden of the Pet Press and the editor of the Downtown Gazzette & Grunion Gazzette & Uptown Gazette to see if anyone will help to get the information out about this guy to get him arrested. But except for John Keisler I have not heard back from anyone yet. But that does not mean they do not intend on helping pass the word and they just might be busy.

 The Manhattan Bird Club had this link to a horrible story about people killing pigeons in Penn. for fun on there pigeon talk forum website ! Here is the link to the story and it also could shed some more light on why these people are out trapping the innocent pigeons.

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