Angel Baby & Shadow adopted me when I lived in my van for 3 years to be able to afford my bird rescue work. They came in and slept on my legs every night. Angel Baby is the one that does the very serious ceremonies walking on my chest working on my medical problems.

 Babygirl showed up and allowed me to rescue her three different times proving to me she chose me as the man she was looking for all her life then after we moved in our apartment almost three years ago. I rescued beautiful princess and she called to me from under a bush and was pregnant and allowed me to carry her home (she was no dummy) the sly fox.

Our little dog Angel was walking down busy Atlantic blvd. Sept. 30, 2010 with a collar and no tags and I believe she was dumped. Lucky the kitten was put in a crate at the corner house where they were roofing and they were waiting for animal control to pick her up. I took her from the crate and the guys working there said what do we tell animal control when they show up to get her. I said tell them the birdman snatched her - Ha Ha Ha.

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