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Birdman - Sept 5, 2010

Thank you for adding me to the nominee's list. That has to be the biggest honor I have ever had.

 So often a person isn't really appreciated when they try so hard to do good. I know I have made sacrifices most people would never dream of doing. I don't have a doubt that God hand picked me to help his creatures that have basically been forgotten and disrespected by most. How quickly people have forgotten pigeons were war hero's and saved countless thousands of our military men's lives.

Millions of birds are tied up with string and human hair with no one to help them. They have to watch there own toes fall off one at a time because there is no one to help them. Millions have both of there legs tied together in bondage with no one to help them.

 My e-mail address is  - the recognition you are giving me might open a door or two for me someday and it would be great if people contact me. I want to do more than I am doing now to help the tortured birds. Maybe someone along the line would want to help or get involved. You know for 3 years I lived in my 1991 Chevy van conversion in the fenced in area because they rented me the spot for $250.00 a month. It was a sacrifice giving up electricity and modern conveniences and people thought I was nuts. But I had cages everywhere for patients and did it so I would have approx. $500.00 a month for seed , medicines and food for the neighborhood cats.

 To me it was such a small sacrifice for the hundreds & hundreds of lives I saved and the years of torture I saved so many birds. Every time I give one of them there life back it is priceless. So many birds came directly to me for help when I was in my fenced in area. They would fly in there and land and wait for me to pick them up and help them. Something so beautiful and spiritual has been going on with us and the trust they have for me is out of this world. When I first started rescuing sometimes I would work on them 2 or 3 hours untying there horrible mess and soaking there wounds in peroxide. I would open my hand to shoo them away when I was done and I found out most were not leaving and wanted to stay with me and one flew to my chest and hugged it. They were showing there love to me for helping them.

 There's a old abandoned hotel here that the city of long beach owns. They allowed birds to fly loose inside through broken windows for years. I took care of hundreds of birds outside there. One day the city decides to seal the birds in to let them die a horrible torturous death without food & water. I had to go in 5 times and have some photo's to rescue birds and that's a rescue story in itself if you ever wanted to hear more about it. Today walking Babygirl in my left hand I was able to rescue a bird in my right hand and untie two toes. That couple of minutes probably saved the bird so much future torture when the string tightened. 5 days ago I rescued a tied bird at McDonalds in my hands. It was tied around every toe and his foot. I spent maybe 5 minutes total helping this bird. He probably would of had to watch every toe rot off and maybe his foot in time and maybe he would of been tortured for a couple years. And the 5 minutes of my time saved him all this agony. What else on earth could anyone do with such a impact in such short periods of time I wonder. I only wished more people cared.

 I have a million stories and its been a incredible journey. I don't think there is anyone in the united states that has worked as hard as I have for 6 years helping the hurt birds on the street. What makes what I do so unique is that I carry a net the size of a tennis racket with me. And I go out looking for the birds that need help and rescue them. My wall in the bedroom is full of cages to the ceiling almost. But I do try to be discreet

 your friends,
 Danny & Babygirl.

Divine Intervention Maybe

my guardian angel was working overtime tonight. What a strange kind of bizarre heart warming rescue story. I was taking Babygirl to go feed the cats this evening. There is a small office building on the corner of Atlantic & 10th. St. Walking by I seen a pigeon inside the gated parking lot with a injured wing and the entrance gates of the office building were already closed and there was no way to get in and rescue the bird. Within about 30 - 40 yards in both directions of the building are around 8 cats at least we feed in both locations. I figured the bird wouldn't last a hour without getting torn to shreds. When we came back I looked in the yard to see if I could see the bird. First I seen the cat in there and then about 20 feet away I seen the bird. Then like a miracle from heaven a man cross's the street and aims the gate opener at the gate and it opens. I guess he went over to the computer shop or something and was coming back to get his car. What would be the odd's that he would show up at that exact second. No one could ever convince me it wasn't a divine intervention. So first I pointed to the cat and then I pointed to the injured bird not far away and said I rescue injured birds can I go in and get him and the guy said okay. Half of his flight feathers were missing on one wing but he was able to fly enough to get up about to my waist and I caught him in mid air Lucky as hell for him I had hooked babygirl up to a pole before trying to rescue the little guy. So after I had the bird I said to the guy. I am going to show you something few people in the world probably ever seen. I took the bird over to babygirl and she started kissing & kissing it like she always does with the hurt birds trying to make them well. The guy looked like he seen a ghost and what a Kodak moment that would of been. This is why we do what we do because it is the most rewarding thing in the world. A few minutes of our time and caring from our hearts kept that bird from being torn to shreds and dying the most horrible death anyone could imagine.

 Danny & Babygirl & Angel Baby & Shadow & Princess & Baby Baby the bird.

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