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Birdman: Guardian Angel and the Rooster

November 13, 2011

If this latest rescue happened to anyone else but me I would be really amazed. I have written other divine intervention rescue stories and I truly do believe angels were involved with all my heart.

 A block from where I live and not on my street a rooster has been hanging around the two apartment buildings on the corner flying back and forth between them for a few weeks. I have seen him on the sidewalk there and was very concerned he would get killed. I do not know if he was hanging around those two apartment buildings because he was abandoned or what but I do know he was not safe there.

 Yesterday when I was walking my dogs I seen my friend Sergio that owns the two houses directly across from the apartments where the rooster has been hanging out. I ask him about the rooster to see if he knew if anyone owned it. He said it had been there a few weeks. He did not see anyone interacting with it or feeding it and said nobody could get close to it (guess who proved him wrong ) and this is where the story really gets interesting.

 I live in a eight unit gated apartment complex with metal security screen doors. Last night both my dogs kept whimpering by the door and not barking like they normally would. Babygirl my pit bull loves the pigeons I doctor and even licks them trying to make them well. I looked out the screen door towards the front of the apartment building and could not see anything. Then I looked down and the rooster was at the door looking in and wanting to come in. Okay, I have two dogs and one is a pit bull that was nose to nose with the rooster at the door, three full grown cats and a rescue kitten and this crazy rooster wants to come it. So somehow it seems like this rooster knew I would help him and finds my apartment. If this is not a divine intervention than nothing is.

 A man named Bob Ward and his wife Sue have been rescuing animals for years and they are really great people. Bob is picking the rooster up in about a hour to give him a great home. Judy Griffith ( rodentlady ) gave me Bob and Sue's phone number. Judy has been rescuing rodents for years and she is a remarkable woman and it is really great that we all work together to help the animals. This rooster was luckier than he ever realized. I have cats living here on the property that I have been feeding for almost three years. Because of the high metal security fence around the property. I am not sure if the rooster could of got away from the cats in time. Also the Mexican girl in the first apartment was going to try and catch the rooster when I went out there and she even lied to me and said it was hers but I knew better. So I think she lied because the family had plans on having him for dinner.

 What a great ending to a story that was so close to having a tragic ending. Oh, and this is where I proved Sergio wrong about nobody being able to get close to the rooster. I knelt down right next to him and easily grabbed him and he showed no interest in getting away. When Bob picked up the rooster about a hour ago. He said that the rooster coming to my door the way it did especially being free and loose and wild. That it defied everything he thought he knew in all his years of rescue.

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