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The Birdman of Long Beach - index

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Birdman of Long Beach

Birdman's Great Day

Birdman -- Sept 2010

Birdman of Long Beach Stories

Birdman Stories - 2

Birdman Stories - 3

Birdman Stories - 4

Pigeons and other Birds need our help desperately

Banded Pigeons, story 1

Birdman - Aquarium of the Pacific and Dumb Cops

Birdman at the American Hotel

Birdman - Worst Rescue Ever

Birdman - Long Beach Oct 8, 2010

Birdman on People who Abuse Animals

Birdman - Farewell to Crippled Patient

Walmart Rescue

Pigeons Victimized in Recent Trappings

Birdman - Homeless to Hero

Starbucks Angel

Birdman - Finding My Calling

Poison Boxes in Long Beach - Endangering Animals

Birdman - Pit-bull and Security Guard

Birdman Feb 2011

Birdman- How a patient got the name Anchovie Angel - 2/14/2011

Birdman - Tangerine Ringneck Dove

Birdman - Baby Eleonora

Birdman - McDonalds Poisoning Pigeons

Birdman - Pine Street Angel

Birdman, April 14, 2011

Birdman - Duck Stories

Birdman - McD Drive-Thru

Birdman - Baby Pigeon gets its toes tied in its own nesting material

Man Who Trained World War II Pigeons

Birdman - Pigeons Never Forget Human Faces

Birdman-Taking 30 Minutes to Help

Birdman-Anonymous Letter of Appreciation

Birdman - The Pigeon named Pink Fairy at the Funk Fest

Birdman - Angel in Pain

Birdman-Pigeon Named Lucky Escapes Cats

Birdman - Wally at Walmart

Birdman - Limpy with broken leg

Birdman - Comments on "Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"

Birdman - Guardian Angel and the Rooster

Birdman - Pigeons Feet Tied Together

Birdman - Banded White King Pigeon

Birdman: Pigeon attacked by Hawk

Birdman - Saved a Life Today

Birdman - 1/8/12

Birdman: Lucky Friday 13th

Birdman: Pigeons Tied With Human Hair

Birdman: Baby with Feet Tied Together

Birdman: Pet Bio

Birdman - Kicked off Walmart property for rescuing pigeons

Birdman: 3 Pigeons With Feathers Cut

Birdman - Lucky Pigeon on Pine

Standing up for a injured pigeon by Dan Lubniewski

Birdman: Miracle Calico Cat Rescue

June 19, 2012:

Birdman: Beautiful young pregnant dog rescued

Birdman - Starbucks Rescue
      Winged 'Angel' in Distress at Starbucks, Rescuer Jumps In

Divine Intervention Story - Birdman of long beach

Birdman - Fancy Free

Birdman - Special White Dove

Birdman - A Pigeon Named Hope

January 1, 2013: Long Beach Post - Big Flap over City Place Pigeon Rescuer

Birdman Honored as Long Beach Hero
     Birdman - Hero of 2012

9 lives of Marley & Birdman of long beach

IN MEMORY - Angel Baby Crossed Rainbow Bridge

Bloodhound & Pitbull Rescue - Sept 2016


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