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A Wing & A Prayer: LB Vet Is Hero To His Flockby Judy & Kate

Judy and Kate bring us the story of Dan Lubniewski (the Bird Man of Long Beach), a U.S. vet who has dedicated his life to rescuing pigeons in the area

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Dog licking birds

My American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pit-bull - Babygirl kiss's every bird I doctor obnoxiously at times trying to make them well with her healing tongue. I will send you a few photo's shortly of her kissing a pigeon. She is awesome and if she see's any cat on the street trying to hurt another she wants to kick its butt I have turned my life over to rescuing and doctoring hurt & tied pigeons 6 years ago and have doctored over 3,000 birds. I have a white banded racing pigeon that stands on my head in the bathroom through a complete shave. There is a street cat that has some weird bond with Babygirl and lets her climb on top of it on the street and never scratches her. Its madness watching them and I love it. Your friends Danny & Babygirl & Angel Baby, Princess who wrestles with Babygirl everyday, and Shadow the cat part of our loving family. Sincerely , Birdman of long beach - in Long Beach California

Birdman Hand-Feeding Pigeons

Pmv virus - Pigeon pox - Tied - System broken down - Broken beak - My van area for 3 years. These are just a few examples of the hundreds & hundreds of birds I have helped with no one to help them with there suffering. I just rescued one of my worse birds ever about 2 weeks ago at Ralphs Market plaza. Its feet was so mangled he was only left with one toe after I doctored him and he probably was tied and tortured like that for over two solid years to be that horribly messed up poor guy. Christina that helps me with broken legs & wings from Southbay Wildlife will be sending me original photo's of him soon. Also his leg was severely infected which is about 95 percent better now with Batril Antibiotics. I can't think of anything on earth more rewarding then taking there pain away and giving them there life back

I'm my lot on 10th. & long beach blvd. I rescued the bird with the 5 inch blow dart through its head and eye running around with the other birds in my lot. I almost fell over when I spotted him and thanked god I was able to rescue the poor hurt baby. He survived and was released to enjoy life once again. The other bird kept lifting a leg or foot and I could not tell why so I caught him out of curiosity because it was driving me crazy. Well his foot was tied with thin fishing line attached to a small hook in his throat.

Pigeons Cleaning Pan

These were the first two stories on my rescue operation not long after I got started. Then a girl did a story on me at Cal State university. So I haven't had a ton of donations but I have received some recognition along the way. And I have changed a lot of peoples views. There has been homeless people , crack addicts & heroine addicts even bring me hurt birds when I was in my van area for 3 years. I made a lot of people realize these were birds with a lot of love and feelings.

Christina from Southbay wildlife helps with a broken wing she wrapped for the Birdman of L.B.

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