Across from my storage unit by the library on the 1400 block of E. Anaheim I rescued and doctored so many birds in the past. I always looked for hurt birds every time I went to my storage unit which was often.

I was passing my storage unit by bus and spotted a pigeon flopping in the street across from my storage unit. I hopped off the bus and put him in a small carrier I had with me. All of a sudden in the flock of birds that showed up. There was two birds tied horribly with both legs tied together. There was two birds with broken wings and the bird I had already rescued.

Well miraculously I rescued them all within 15 minutes of being there. And this had to be my craziest rescue ever rescuing so many birds so quickly that were hurt that bad. I called a neighbor Diane to come and get me because I had no way to get 5 very hurt birds home at once. This was my craziest 15 minutes of rescue in my 6 years of rescue. Especially considering these were all very serious problems. I think just maybe god had something to do with me showing up there when I did. The bird flopping in the street had a fractured pelvis I think and recovered on his own in a cage after resting for a week or so. . If the birds with the broken wings didn't get their broken wing wrapped within about 7 days of breaking their wings they most likely would become permanently disabled because the break would calcify and the wing could never heal. The birds with their legs tied together so bad would of lost most of their toes and lived a horrible painful life in bondage with their legs tied together maybe forever. What a great day for everyone it was.

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