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Man Who Trained WW II Pigeons

In the story the Long Beach Petpost wrote about my rescue operation last veterans day. I had Judy & Kate who wrote the great story put information and links in the story educating people about wartime pigeons and how so many pigeons were decorated for bravery saving thousands of American troops lives in World War 11. And that they are war hero's and also many received the Dickens Medal for bravery. Then I met a lady within months of the story being written name Marilyn Westmoreland. Her father & mother are in this photo that I am sending you from World War 11. He trained the pigeons during WW 11 and also her father was Welterweight Boxing Champion of Great Britain and he also was a horse Vet. Unfortunately he became a prisoner of war for 5 years that ruined his health. Marilyn's husband that died is the cousin to the famous General Westmoreland. Marilyn came and rescued birds with me at the Aquarium one day and I think I untied about 7 birds when we were together. She said it was the most awesome experience of her life saving those birds from so much further torture. I think by Marilyn helping me that day it was all part of honoring her fathers legacy and she understood more about his love for pigeons after spending the day with the Birdman of long beach. She was the first person in seven years that even offered to help me for one day or be part of this beautiful life saving experience. I don't understand why it is so hard for people to go out of there way to help a pigeon that is suffering so bad. Everybody everywhere see's pigeons suffering with tied feet etc. and yet so few people care and just walk past them acting like they don't see the helpless little bird needing help or offering to help them. I feel that it is our responsibility to help gods creatures when we see that they are hurt and in need of our help and that it is cowardly to turn your back on them and not even attempt to help them.

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