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McDonalds Poisoning Pigeons

March 17, 2011

After I got into bird rescue in 2005 I had this really crazy idea because I was thinking McDonalds & Pigeons seem to always go together. So I was thinking or maybe I did not know what I was thinking. But I had this crazy idea and called McDonalds Corporate Office and suggested maybe McDonalds would like to contribute to my bird rescue since I felt I was doing such a good thing and I was having a very hard time financially.

 Well you probably guessed it the girl I was talking to almost laughed me off the planet. She said what does McDonalds have to do with pigeons. I said well McDonalds & Pigeons have always went together. Obviously she did not agree and did not see any humor in that and quickly got me off the phone and she probably thought I should to be in a straight jacket. The particular McDonalds I am referring to here is in downtown Long Beach California on 7th. & Long Beach Blvd.

 Remember Anchovy Angel I rescued on my way to meet Judy & Kate for pizza who wrote the great story on me in the Long Beach Pet Post veterans day 2009? Well he's here in my left hand helping me write this and he is so grateful I took all his pain away. I had to put a plug in here for my little buddy. He just lays on my chest without me holding on to him just staring at me like he is saying thank you over & over & over.

 Anyway about McDonalds and poisoning pigeons. Well I looked on Google and could not find any incidents documented of McDonalds poisoning pigeons so I truly hope this is the only McDonalds doing it. Or maybe until I came along not many people cared and of course McDonalds is not going to broadcast there activities to the world and damage there reputation.

 The first incident with this McDonalds poisoning pigeons was approx. 3 yrs. ago. There was a lady named Alice who parked her new car in the back of McDonalds for hours everyday. She knew the security guards there really well and was friends with them. And this is what really burns me that they try to blame me for having to result to poisoning the pigeons. Alice told me that security told her that they put poison on top of McDonalds and on the roof above the dumpster area. She said it was because I feed the pigeons.

 Well I didn't go to that McDonalds for about 2 yrs. because of a guy there they hired named Chuck Reep to straighten up the place I guess walked up to me and said you have to leave that you have been sitting here to long. I was drinking coffee and said if you are going to change restaurants policies without telling anyone I will just buy something to eat. He refused to allow me to buy anything and said that is not how its done. And he kicked me out like a piece of garbage and they lost a regular customer for the next two years. I believe Chuck Reep is district manager now. How does it figure McDonalds kicking out a senior citizen drinking coffee who served his country in the Marines and is disabled and spent money in McDonalds for over 50 years. I do not even drink or do drugs or smoke. Ever since I can remember people met and had little coffee clutches at McDonalds and it was a decent place to socialize. And that's the reason I stopped going there for the next two years until I found out that Chuck Reep was not working there anymore at least at that McDonalds. I never even went on McDonalds property for two years. All I would do sometimes if I was downtown is I would leave some seed on the front public sidewalk for birds to find in the morning. And the cowards there have the nerve to say I am the reason they are killing gods creatures in the most horrible way imaginable. I contacted John Keisler bureau manager of animal control and he was really going to try and nail McDonalds. Then he e-mailed me and said he found out you could legally poison pigeons and he didn't feel there was much he could do.

 The roof over McDonalds where I was told they put the poison is directly above the open gated play area for the children. Pigeons also go in there and look for food. Wouldn't using poison maybe be a threat to the children's health maybe. And how would they manage to just get pigeons to eat the poison and not the protected birds is something I really would be interested to know. Now for the second poisoning threat. I was at the same McDonalds a couple days ago around 3/13/2009. A man named Larry who is the boss of the security for McDonalds and he was working that day. He actually gave me a hurt bird once himself and I think he is a pretty decent guy. I walked in McDonalds after feeding the birds in the back and seen Larry and said I just fed my little friends in the back. He says I am going to be the reason they use bait { Poison } on the birds. He seems to think that the birds would not hang around McDonalds if it was not for me feeding them once in awhile when I am downtown yet sometimes I don't even go there for a week. Besides that there is a Carl Juniors next to McDonalds so how could anyone think the birds would go away if I was not around there occasionally.

 People do the most horrible cruel things to gods living creatures and then try to justify it with the most idiotic excuses. I would not be surprised if McDonalds was behind trapping so many of the birds on there property that I was very close to and for sure once trapped they ended up dead. When Larry the boss of security at McDonalds tried to put the blame on me for them poisoning the birds. I shut him up quick and told him the problem could be solved very easily. They have those strips with the fibers that stick up to put on the edge of any building and the birds will not sit there. The fiber strips do not hurt the birds and its solves a big problem. So when I told Larry how easily the problem could be solved then he had no answer why McDonalds would not invest in the strips and choose poisoning the birds so they would die the most horrible death.

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