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RIP, the AR Movement's Merry Prankster, Bob Chorush

January 5, 2010

Bob left the earth on Sunday.

Here's a chapter from his book, Fowl Gestures:

More about Bob:

RIP, Bob.

I’ll never forget his anti-duck hunting antics.

He and some friends got hunting licenses rented a boat and rowed out in the pond where hunters were waiting patiently for the ducks to fly over. As soon as they got settled they started blasting away at nothing in particular—but making sure that no ducks would come anywhere near the place.

The regular hunters summoned the game warden who asked them what in the heck they thought they were doing. Bob calmly explained the he and his friends had a new theory about duck hunting called 'shoot and they’ll come.' They were trying it out; they were all properly licensed and the game warden knew of no wildlife management literature to cite which had refuted the 'shoot and they’ll come' Theory.

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