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If Compassion is a Crime, Captain Paul Watson is Guilty as Sin

July 13, 2012 by Exposing the Big Game

If caring for our fellow beings is a crime, Captain Watson is surely a criminal.
If altruism is against the law, then he's guilty as charged.

If selflessness is an offense, Paul Watson is public enemy number one.

If the urge to right a wrong is unacceptable, then tens of thousands of kindhearted people should be incarcerated alongside the Captain.

If having the capacity for compassion is considered criminal in Costa Rica, the wrong people are making the laws.

If outrage over injustice is a threat to a government, then Archbishop Romero wasn't a saint, he was a terrorist.

But if catching sharks by the thousands, hacking off their fins and dropping them back into the ocean to slowly bleed to death is acceptable behavior, there's something wrong with the system'

Arresting Captain Paul Watson, who has dedicated his entire life to defending the life of our oceans against illegal and destructive acts, calls into question the very notion of justice in today's world. We need people like Watson to shine the light on the real criminals of the world and expose their crimes against the thousands of voiceless victims of an over-consumptive society.

The following is an urgent message from Captain Paul Watson---.

I need your help! I have been under arrest and held in Germany for two months, and there is just one month to go before my impending extradition request may be granted to Costa Rica. A Visual Petition (now through July 20th) and Day of Action on July 20th is being planned to help aid in my release. This is the second day of action that has been planned since my arrest on May 13th.

If extradited, I could be held in a Costa Rican prison for up to one year before being granted trial. During that time, the $25,000 bounty on my head by the Shark Fin Mafia may be carried out! This is a serious situation and my safety cannot be guaranteed, no matter the assurances I receive from the government of Costa Rica. Second to drugs, the shark fin industry generates the most money on the black market! The poachers who are claiming these bogus charges would love to stop Sea Shepherd and they have millions to lose in illicit profits, but the price our oceans and our future will pay if sharks are driven to extinction will be much greater.

This case is politically motivated, and the German Minister has the power to have me immediately released. Your help is needed to fight the extradition proceedings and secure my release! I urge you to write to the German officials in power and reiterate what InterPol already has -- this case is politically motivated and should be dismissed.

Speak out! Write to German officials, join our Visual Petition (and contest), and participate in the Day of Action.

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