Heather Mills Buys Fish Shop With Plans to Take It Vegan

British papers report Paul McCartney's ex used settlement to get deal on seafood restaurant
by Sara Bonisteel /
Photo by Nicole Sweet, FilmMagic

The ex-wife of a Beatle has not-so-fishy plans for her new restaurant.

Heather Mills, the ex of Paul McCartney, bought the Big Fish cafe in Hove, England, last week and plans to revamp the seafood menu with a vegan one, the Daily Mail reports. Practitioners of a vegan diet refrain from using or consuming animal products of any kind, including eggs, dairy and gelatin.

The previous owner of the eatery in Hove Lagoon near the city of Brighton said that Mills and her daughter with McCartney, Bea, had visited "about 20 times," the paper said.

"I sold traditional fry-ups but veggie food was on the menu too," Nick Short told the Daily Mail. "They'd have veggie breakfasts and soya milk tea. Heather said she'd like to buy the place if it came on the market."

The Mirror reported Mills -- who won nearly $50 million from McCartney in their divorce -- would turn the Big Fish vegan.

"Heather told me she thinks the veggie cafe idea can work," he told the paper. "I have my doubts though. I'm not sure how successful a vegan restaurant is going to be there."

Short claimed that Mills -- a former model -- purchased the eatery for nearly $200,000, but that was about $162,000 less than what she told Short she'd originally buy it for, the papers said.

"The real estate market around the country is falling and no one forced the owner to sell," Mills' publicist told the Daily Mail. "I think Hove, any town really, will be well served by a healthy foods cafe like this."

Mills serves on the board of the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food. She has committed to donating $1 million in vegan food to the Hunts Point Alliance for Children in the Bronx, N.Y.