On 27 July 2006 Linda Howard took her own life just 17 days after returning from her first trip to Africa where she saw wild colobus monkeys, vervets, Sykes monkeys, and baboons for the first time. She was not yet 40 years old. Linda was self-effacing and was not well-known to the general primate-loving community. But she was about to make her mark on the international scene as all who met her at the International Primatological Society congress in Uganda loved her.

Especially the men from the Congo - Linda planned to learn French when she got home for better communication. Linda was so helpful to so many groups. She could untangle the most complex computer problem and find homes for so many monkeys in trouble. Let's all spend a moment today remembering our lovely colleague and friend.

Linda's web sites on the primate trade and pet monkey trade have been maintained at:  and


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