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Heather Mills, interview January 2009

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When it comes to the vegetarian celebrity club, Heather Mills is perhaps one of the most controversial members. In the past few years, Mills has found herself in a media thunderstorm surrounding both her personal and professional life. Ecorazzi was fortunate enough to sit down with the passionate herbivore and discuss veganism, environmentalism and staying positive throughout it all.

Ecorazzi: So nice to chat with you, Heather! Let's just jump right in. You've earned a lot of respect for your work with animal-rights and veganism. Why is veganism so important to you and how did you begin the journey?

Heather Mills: Well in 1993 I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident, which is quite ironic because I had been working on the frontline for a number of years in the former Yugoslavia and should have probably lost it via the landmine -- which a lot of people think is the reason why I lost it. Anyway it wouldn't heal -- the infection just kept going further and further up the leg and they kept amputating more and more, and I didn't want to lose it above the knee.

So my girlfriend came in, and said she had healed herself on this raw vegan diet. At that time I was a meat, fish, lobster-eating girl. I was 25 years old and had no idea about real health with the understanding I have now, but wanted to heal my leg. So she said, "Come out with me." So I went to Hippocrates in West Palm Beach and they put me on a raw vegan diet and wheatgrass juice and organic juice -- mainly vegetable-based -- and my whole leg just closed and healed within a matter of weeks.

So then I wrote a booklet on it to help other people who were writing to me about their infection and their limbs. I met people who had lost their limbs to cancer and they tried the diet and it just seemed to heal so well. But after a year and a half of just raw vegan and doing it for my health, I was perfectly back to normal. Then I thought, "Well I'll just be veggie," and I stayed veggie for a long time.


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