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Stella Marsden

There are also lots of lovely photos of Stella, the first person to establish a chimpanzee sanctuary in Africa. She was based in The Gambia. Stella was a true trailblazer and her project lives on. Shirley

Dr. Shirley McGreal, Founder
International Primate Protection League
PO Box 766
Summerville, SC 29484, USA
Phone - 843-871-2280, Fax- 843-871-7988
E-mail - , Web:

Please visit for a preview of a collection of 22 fascinating primate portraits by award-winning photographer Michael Turco. The high resolution photos can be used as screensavers or desktop wallpaper. Primates in the series include IPPL's beloved blind gibbon Beanie, who lived with us from 1990 until October 2004.

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