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Alicia Silverstone was interviewed on the Rosie O'Donnell show on Tuesday March 19. Viewers heard some wonderful news: Braceface, for which Silverstone, as executive producer, earned a Alicia Silverstone was interviewed on the Rosie O'Donnell show on Tuesday March 19. Viewers heard some wonderful news: Braceface, for which Silverstone, as executive producer, earned a Genesis Award on Saturday March 16, has been nominated for an Emmy. Braceface is an animated kids show following the antics of thirteen year old vegan Sharon Spitz. You can learn more about it and read partial transcripts of episodes such as The Meat of the Matter and The Dissection Connection on the DawnWatch website under "Animal Media Alerts."

 Alicia Silverstone on the Ellen DeGeneres show, talking about veganism and other things.

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Speaking of transcripts, here's part of Alicia's interview with Rosie:

Rosie: "Now you are still doing the no meat, no dairy, no nothing, right? "

Alicia: "Yep. Look how sexy these are. These are pleather boot. Pleather not leather."

Rosie: "They are sexy. They are fine pleather. Now my friend Eric (we have the same makeup guy) he told me that when you started this you felt like your body changed right away."

Alicia: "Completely. Unfortunately, the press brought to my attention that I had to worry about how I look. Once that happened I became insane about it. Oh my God, I've got to worry about how I look, I've got to worry about how I look!"

Rosie: "They were saying that you were getting heavier."

Alicia: "That I was really fat."

Rosie: "Which is hysterical to me to say that Alicia Silverstone is heavy. Oh yeah you are up to maybe a double digit - woooo!"

Alicia: "Well, yes I always thought that was really responsible on their part for all the kids..."

Rosie: "Whenever in a movie they want someone to be the unappealing girl it's Julia Roberts without her hair washed. Come on! It's so unreal. But it made you obsess a little bit?"

Alicia: "Well food started to make me really freak out. Then I decided Screw that, I'm not going to worry about it. I'm going to eat whatever I want whenever I want. About a year later I started to do that and that fixed it.
So I highly recommend that - eat whatever you want whenever you want. Then I became a vegan. I did it for political, moral reasons thinking that I was making this great sacrifice but it was absolutely necessary - I was not going to contribute to the violence in the world anymore. I knew by this single act I'd be taking care of issues that I believed in, like health issues and starving children who can't eat, because of all the food that we could feed to mouths - you could feed villages with the food we feed to our cows. It's outrageous the food wastage. Anyway, I knew I could swipe all these issues that I believed in by becoming a vegetarian. Three weeks afterwards, my body ----- weight started to fall off. Moral of my story is, I don't ever have to worry about my figure ever again.
It's so wonderful."

Rosie: "It's freeing."

Alicia: "It's so freeing."

Rosie: "Let me ask you something about the vegan thing, can you eat sugar?"

Alicia: "You can. I just like to eat maple syrup instead."

Rosie: "You can't have a brownie if you're a vegan... Can you have brownies?"

Alicia:  "Allison's makes amazing vegan brownies. But I wouldn't eat like a regular brownie. Because it would have, stuff."

Rosie: "Cookies, oreos?"

Alicia:  "I wouldn't eat oreos. But they make vegan oreos now!"

Rosie: "Any candy bar products?"

Alicia: "Yes, the unfortunate thing is I was going to make you something and I didn't bring it."

Rosie: "Next time make me something, damn it, because if there's no sweets I can't be one!"

"We'll be back right after this."

How wonderful to have Rosie O'Donell, a woman who talks to millions every day, entertaining the possibility, even lightheartedly, of going vegan. Rosie hasn't traditionally been great on animal issues but she is moving in the right direction - two steps forward, one step back, but definitely coming along. Her warm discussion with Alicia today, focusing on the vegan diet, was certainly one of those steps forward. Please acknowledge it and encourage her. Also, talk shows need to know what guests are popular so please let her know we love Alicia Silverstone!


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