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Betty White

Betty White's love started when she was a toddler, thanks to her father, Horace White who took in stray animals during the 1930's depression. Since then Betty has always had a animal by her side.

Betty is very dedicated to giving animals a voice. Betty has starred in many telethons for animal rights and has sat on the board of directors for 'The Morris Animal Foundation' for more than 25 years. The Morris Animal Foundation is dedicated to helping animals all over the world get better lives, and Betty is very happy to help all of the animals.

In the late 1960's Betty and her late husband Allen sold a show called 'The Pet Set' which Betty wrote and hosted. 'The Pet Set' was about actors and actresses that brought their animals on the show and talked about the animals and how to care for them. Unfortunately, 'The Pet Set' was cancelled in 1970.

Perhaps Betty's favorite pet was a black toy poodle that her late husband, Allen Ludden had given her. Shortly after Allen Ludden's death in 1981, the black poodle passed on as well.

Betty spends most of her time at the Los Angeles Zoo helping and caring for all of the animals there. Betty really loves her job working at the zoo.

Today, Betty has 3 animals of her own, A black and white shih tzu, A Golden Retriever named Kitta, and a Himialayan cat named Bob Cat after her vet, Bob Oles.

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White Honored By Los Angeles Zoo
23 February 2006 (WENN)

The Golden Girls star and animal rights activist Betty White has been honored by the Los Angeles Zoo for her commitment to animals. The Emmy award-winning actress was named an Ambassador to Animals at a ceremony in Los Angeles on Monday. A bronze plaque will be placed next to the zoo's gorilla exhibit, which is home to White's favorite animal. The 84-year-old actress joked that the honor would make her "tough to live with from now on." She says, "I'm not sure what I'm going to do as ambassador except to love the animals, as I have all my life." White has served for more than three decades on the Morris Animal Foundation and the board of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, and has been a zoo commissioner for eight years.

Betty White Defends Zoo's Elephant Exhibit
6 December 2005 (WENN)

Former Golden Girls star Betty White joined more than 100 people rallying in front of the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday, in an attempt to halt the elephant exhibit's planned closure. The demonstration came in response to a study ordered by the city's mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, to determine whether the exhibit should be shut down. Animal rights activists called for the study, saying the elephants need more acreage. But fans say the Los Angeles Zoo's elephants - named Billy, Gita and Ruby - are treated well. White, one of the zoo's commissioners, insists that removing the animals would deny children the opportunity to learn about them, explaining, "They see these gorgeous animals and they know we must not let them perish off this Earth. You don't get that off a documentary."


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