David Gallagher, star of the hit show 7th Heaven, is here to help.

David w/ HappyIn a brand-new public service announcement (PSA) from PETA, David teams up with his canine costar, Happy, to let students know that they can ask for humane alternatives to animal dissection in biology class. Books, computer programs, and high-tech models are available, David points out, and every student has the right to an education without hurting animals. “You’ll learn just as much about animals—including respect for them,” says this compassionate cutie.

Ask your local TV stations to air PETA’s David Gallagher PSA. Contact PETA for a free copy.

If you’re faced with dissection, call PETA’s Education Department for a free “Cut out dissection” pack loaded with facts to help you stand up for your rights.

Party Animals

The stars come out when PETA throws a bash to benefit animals.

When PETA pals Chrissie Hynde and Todd Oldham threw twin parties on the East and West coasts to celebrate our 20th anniversary, the stars came out in force to sing “Happy Birthday” to us.

Alicia Silverstone thanks her vegan diet for her glowing skin and shiny hair.
Morrissey has been crooning "Meat Is Murder" for years.
Shalom Harlow is a model of compassion.
Dharma and Greg
Dharma and Greg’s Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson signed PETA’s anti-fur petition to Vogue.
Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde calls PETA “the world’s most rock ’n’ roll charity.”
Cider House Rules’ Tobey Maguire says that rule number one is kindness to animals.
Hunky Marcus Schenkenberg posed for a PETA anti-fur ad.
Sugar Ray’s fly guy Mark McGrath has a soft spot for animals.
Designer Todd Oldham dresses hipsters for success—without fur or leather.
Montel Williams took time out from partying to speak to reporters about what’s wrong with animal experiments.

GROSS Leather Facts

Does your best friend think you and your pals are green with envy over her new leather jacket and ponyskin platforms?

We hate to be the ones to break it to her, but those green faces probably have nothing to do with jealousy. Odds are, she’s not turning heads with her “corpse clothing”—she’s turning stomachs!

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Alicia Silverstone posed in pleather to promote PETA’s “Fake, for the Animals’ Sake” Campaign.

Are You Wearing a Cat?!
Most leather sold in the United States comes from cows, but it can also be made from horses, sheep, lambs, goats, and pigs—who suffer all the horrors of the factory farm and slaughterhouse—as well as from cats and dogs killed in Asia.

When you buy leather, you can’t tell where it came from—or what animal it was made from.

In India, cattle are often forced to march for hundreds of miles to slaughter without food or water. To keep the cows moving, workers beat them, break their tails, and rub chili peppers into their eyes.

“It Would Be Horrible If Someone Cut Off Your Leg”
Cattle in North America don’t have it any easier. A videotape of a packing plant in Washington state found that many cows are wide awake when their throats are slit and their legs hacked off. Said one worker,“ It would be horrible if someone cut off your leg without anesthesia.” Added another, “It’s ugly what they do.”

Ugly, but not all that unusual. Slaughterhouse workers often strangle, beat, scald, skin, and cut up fully conscious animals.

Is That Purse Poisonous?
To keep leather from rotting, leather factories use toxic substances like formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives, and cyanide-based oils and dyes. Exposure to these chemicals can cause everything from nosebleeds to leukemia and cancer!