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Publications by and Accomplished of Lisa Kemmerer - January 2018
Solipsism - April 2015
Animal Liberation vs. Relativity - Feb 2015
Animal ethics article shortlisted for media award - Dec 2011
Vida Vegan Con brings hundreds of veggie bloggers to Portland - Aug 2011
Recognize Me - Cheryl Greear, August 2010
Love Is The Pilgrimage - July 2010
Searching for the Significance of a Life and a Death - March 2010
The Social Life of Chickens - by Karen Davis
Nameless Defenders - by Jackie Butts
I Am An Animal Rescuer - by Annette King Tucker
A Question About Destiny
The Cow In The Living Room - Doug Moss
Consider the Lobster - David Foster Wallace - September 2008
One Man's Special Tribute to a Dog - August 2008
Their Tears - May 2008
A Vision of a Vegan World - M. Butterflies Katz, April 2008
Mystical Transformation: A True Tale of a Butterfly - M. Butterflies Katz, 4/ '08
Meat recall reminds us of the dangers of relegating other creatures to food status - March 2008
Why Do You Thin It Is? - February 2008, Robert Cohen
Meat's Meat ... So Let's Eat - by Jason Miller, Jan 2008
A Critique of the Kantian Theory of Indirect Moral Duties to Animals  -- J. Sebo
All Beings Feel -- All beings that feel pain deserve human rights, by R. Ryder.
"An Examination of the Property Status Of Animals"
Animals - Betray  by Vernon Coleman
Animals = Thyself -- Meanwhile: Know the animals, know yourself, B. Heinrich
Animal rights, human wrongs    by Vernon Coleman
A Tale of Two Holocausts  -- Karen Davis, PhD
"Behind The [ALF] Mask" by Dr. Steven Best & Anthony J. Nocella II (Acrobat .pdf file)
Bring It To The Table -- Opening Arguments In Defence of the A.L.F., by Nocella & Kahn
'Charlotte's Web,' ensnares us in hypocrisy
Gandhi Won't Do -- Gandhi's way won't do: Animal rights activists do not want to resort to violence but many see it as the only option, by Karen Dawn
G Carlin -- George Carlin on Animal Rights
Grow Old With Dogs
How Monsanto Destroyed Civilization - by Captain Paul Watson
Hunting Tradition: Treaties, Law, and Subsistence Killing  -- L. Kemmerer, PhD
If Pigs Could Swim - Atlantic Monthly article "If Pigs Could Swim".
Just a Dog - by Richard A. Biby
Just for Ever -- Essay modified by Ann Berlin
Manatees -- by Carl Hiaasen. War has been declared on the humble sea cow
My Dog or Your Child? by Dr. Steven Best
New Abolitionism by Dr. Steven Best
"Persuade and Convince - Don't Alienate"
Plate,  -- Kathy Guillermo
The High Price of Animal Experimentation -- by Richard Bass, Ph.D.
Proof that animal experiments don't save lives  by Vernon Coleman
Proud Speciesist -- Reply to a Self-Proclaimed Speciesist, by Joan Dunayer.
Reinventing Direct Action's Educational Strategies -- by Nocella & Kahn
Response to "(Im)possible Witness: Viewing PETA's "Holocaust on Your Robyns Buddy -- Jan. 2005, Essay from Robyn who lost a dog, Buddy
Slavery & Holocaust -- Animals, Slavery, and the Holocaust, by C. Patterson
The Failure Of the Kantian Theory of Indirect Duties to Animals  -- Heather Fieldhouse, PhD
The Game Is Over -- Taking the ALF Seriously, by Nocella & Kahn
"The Role of Radical Animal Activists" by Joshua Frank (Acrobat .pdf file)
Torture on the Farm: Why Conservatives Should Care about Animal Cruelty (.pdf file)
Trial By Fire: The SHAC7, Globalization, and the Future of Democracy  -- Steven Best, PhD and Richard Kahn
Utilitarianism, Animals, and the Problem of Numbers  -- Stephen Hanson, PhD
Vegan Dogma? -- Veganism is Absolutely Not Dogmatic.
When I Look Into Animals' Eyes, I See What I Felt - by Elisabeth Lewin
Why Animal Experiments Must Stop   by Vernon Coleman -- 12 lies told by vivisectionists
"You Don't Support the ALF Because Why?" by Dr. Steven Best

Essays for Activists

Accomplish -- Let's stop condemning animal "welfare" and actually accomplish something! by "THE TIERGARTEN SANCTUARY TRUST".
Activist's Strain -- Sept 2005. Euthanasia A Strain for Animal Care Workers. Shelters Try to Help Staffs Cope.
Advocacy -- ANGER, HUMOR & ADVOCACY by Matt Ball.
Animal Activism -- August 2005. Summary of Animal Activism by VeganAngel_RI.
AR Conf. Errors -- Why Animal Rights Conferences Fail by Robert Cohen.
AR Protests -- Animal Rights Protests, COK in NY.
Arrogant Activists -- More divisiveness from folks who aren't looking at the big picture at Petco.
Art Of War -- Around 2,300 years ago, Sun Tzu wrote "The Art of War". Here are pertinent excerpts.
Canberra Piece -- Jan. 2006. Shameful Japanese are Not Alone.
Clueless Activists revised August 22, 2005 picking on the good guys.
Coming 2 terms -- Jan. 2006. Coming to Terms with Animal Cruelty.
Community Ethics -- How does "animal rights" fit in?
Compassion Fatigue
Fear of Feeling -- Trauma and Recovery in the Animal Liberation Movement, by Pattrice Jones.
If It Ain't Broke... by Asananda X. Feb 2006.
Moving Beyond the Rhetoric of Apology - Dr. Karen Davis
New Activism -- A New Approach to Animal Rights Activism, By Andres Cameselle.
NYC Shelter -- A Peek Inside The NYC Shelter.
Pope and Animals -- 2 responses-- Gut and Reasoned.
Protesting Tips -- Things to learn from an outsider who visits 3 protests.
Quit Being -- Today, I give up being human.
Support Direct Action -- More on the debate about the efficacy of direct action.
The S.S. Persia -- Ship or Nazi? -- Protesting J. Lo's fur, by Asananda X.
Trenches -- "THEY'RE SYNTHETIC, JACKASS!" by Asananda X.
Useful Articles -- THE ACTIVE ACTIVIST by Michelle A. Rivera.
Veggie Attack -- TEN WAYS TO CREATE A VEGETARIAN WORLD by Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D.
Yoga & Animal Rights -- Finding Union Within the Animal Rights Movement by Asananda X.
Yourofsky Lect -- Gary Yourofsky's guest lecture about veganism and speciesism.




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