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Two Books About Animal Research

Dr. Ray Greek and Dr. Niall Shanks have published two new books exploring the scientific reasons using animals to predict human response to drugs and disease is dangerous and scientifically untenable.

FAQs About the Use of Animals in Science, breaks down the scientific argument against vivisection in language non-scientists can understand and remember. This easy-to –read, easy-to-recall format will help you answer friends' and relatives' questions about vivisection. This is the book you need in order to intelligently engage in this debate. Drs. Greek and Shanks explore the fallacies of using animals to study human disease from an unbiased, scientific perspective; while they do not discuss the ethics of using animals, the implications are obvious. FAQs About the Use of Animals in Science takes the necessary out of necessary evil.

Animal Models in Light of Evolution (Brown Walker) was written for the science-educated audience. This book is meant for people with doctorates in some area of science or the very motivated reader. This book does not simplify the material and expects the reader to be conversant in evolutionary biology, nonlinear dynamical systems (also known as complex systems), evo devo, genomics (including gene expression and regulation), ADMET and drug metabolizing enzymes, as well as other areas of science. It is available at all the usual Internet bookstores and from the publisher.

If you would like to interview Dr. Greek or would like him to speak in your area, please contact him at 805-685-6812 or email at DrRayGreek@aol. com. For more information about Dr. Shanks and Dr. Greek or the books or the subject in general, please visit AFMA's website at www.curedisease. com.

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