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US Release of Animal Rights Book Against Vivisection

I would like to present an introduction to the first English translation of one of Doctor Stefano Cagno's books against vivisection.

Doctor Cagno, a psychiatric doctor and Institute Director from Milan, Italy, is an anti-vivisection activist, and writer of a number of books and articles for animal rights and against vivisection. Following from his acquaintance and fellow countryman Pietro Croce's view of the unsoundness of vivisection as a valid scientific principle, in this book, Dr Cagno attempts to bridge the public's knowledge gap by approaching the subject in the novel manner of interviews with lab animals. However, this book is not simply a scientific approach to the objection to vivisection; by putting the public inside the animals' shoes, it unites both the moral and empathetic dimensions with the legal and scientific ones.

This book has been entirely translated from Italian by volunteer activists. The trial of the translation of this book has been long and difficult (largely through incomprehension of the subject and this anthropomorphic approach- even among potentially sympathetic publishers), but we have decided to have it published at all costs since we believe that it has the potential to reach a wider public. It will be released soon in the USA, and we will re-contact you with details.

We appeal to the animal rights network to help in the promotion and diffusion of this book.

Please find below the jacket blurb, and, attached, the front cover.

Thank you. Valentina Rossini and Gabriel William Rowland, the translators.

The blurb:


What if laboratory animals could talk and share their stories?

What if they could tell us about their lives inside research centres, pharmaceutical companies and university buildings; tell us about the experiments they are subjected to and what they feel?

Antivivisectionists have been arguing for years that we don't share enough genetic and anatomical material with other species to justify the continuing anachronistic practice of vivisection. Yet, at the same time, we humans have in common with other animals the capacity to feel emotions. Above all else is the common capacity to suffer. This moral dimension should, in itself, be enough to stop this archaic practice once and for all.

This book is written from inside the animals' shoes, giving a voice to the voiceless. Through a series of interviews with animals, Doctor Stefano Cagno, scientific antivivisectionist, delves into the secret world of laboratory animals, shedding light on an otherwise deliberately obscured subject.

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