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"Youth Market" by Barry Tighe

Dear opponent of cruelty,

As someone who is concerned about the treatment of battery chickens, you may be interested in a new novel on the subject. Youth Market, volume One of The Spawater Chronicles by Barry Tighe.

Comedy fiction, it shows what happens when a concerned group of ordinary people decide to fight back against the factory-farm industry and the way such protestors are portrayed in the media.

'Youth Market'.

Which is worse - the barbaric treatment of battery chickens, or bad television?

Jady is unhappy with television being 'dumbed down'. He decides to dumb it down even more so that it will get so bad that people will stop watching.

This will force the program makers to go up market in order to get the viewers back. How can it fail?

Joanna, Jady's partner, believes that factory farms are cruel and starts up a local 'pirate' Internet television station, secretly funded by the corporate advertisers in a 'deal with the devil'. She and her friends arrange a live televised debate between a local chicken factory farmer and the opposition, with unexpected results....

Youth Market is available in the US from: and  - giving further details.

Youth Market is available in the UK from: and  - giving further details

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