The Greatest Gift

1st verse:
This year I am going to give
The Greatest Gift of All
It will overshadow all gifts past,
Yet the price I'll pay is small.

It's a wondrous gift, a precious gift
For others and for me.
It's a real "do unto others" gift.
It's the best gift to receive.

Oh the clock keeps ticking.
I'm not getting any younger.
And the world keeps turning.
What's the purpose of this life?

See the seasons changing.
I have very little time now.
But I'll give another
That which I have loved so much.

2nd verse:
In these fleeting, short and numbered days,
I've felt and I have seen
The green grass, blue skies, the sun, the warmth
Of loved ones close to me.

And I owe all that I've lived and seen
To the fact that I'm alive.
What a greater gift to give someone
Than the precious gift of life?


3rd verse:
I can give life to a precious child,
But it's not the only way.
I can also give the gift of life
By not taking it away.

For the warmth, the sun, the Springtime breeze,
All creatures love these too.
Why would I extinguish their short lives
So that they can be my food?


Copyright ? 1996-2003 by Mohan Embar. All Rights Reserved.
Words, music and translations by Mohan Embar with thanks to Wanda, Sandrine and Erika.
Reproduction allowed in unabridged, unaltered form if accompanied by this message.

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