Animal Rights

My lovely soft touch chicken,
With your beautiful feathers,
Your natural pecking order, and your
Loving care for your baby chicks,
Male or female, equal love.
When you say you give us much more
Than you're getting back, I would answer:
Chicken, you're right.

My dear intelligent sensitive pig,
With your curly tail and playful nature,
Your undivided care for your baby pigs,
Your love for rolling around in the mud,
Looking forward to getting a nice belly rub.
When you say you deserve the same kindness,
Attention and respect you give us, I would answer:
Pig, you're right.

My sweet big brown-eyed cow,
With your strong bonding with your newborns,
Your milk, uniquely made for them,
With your loyal social character,
And herbivore eating habits.
When you say the life you're having now,
Is not how it's meant to be, I would answer:
Cow you're right.

You human being.
I believe somewhere deep inside,
There is a desire and a lot of love left,
To give our fellow living creatures,
A better life than they have today.
Make your heart as big as theirs are,
By not exploiting them for meat, eggs and milk.
The only right way is to choose for life and say:
Animals, you're definitely right.

Copyright ? 2002 by Brigitte van Delft. All Rights Reserved
May be used in unchanged form by avowed Animal Rightists if accompanied by this copyright message.

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