Battery Hens

These poor helpless creatures are tortured every day.
They live in little cages, with no soft beds of hay.
They have no room to flap their wings and roost like chickens do.
Or have a dust bath, preen themselves, or chew on a grub or two.

These poor defenseless birds are stressed beyond belief.
They live in the cages all their lives without any sort of relief.
There are 10.5 million chickens living their life this way.
It should be stopped it is a sin, speak up and have your say.

If you want to help these creatures, don't just say the words.
When next time you buy your eggs, think about these birds.
Barn Laid eggs are the best ones as the hens are free to roam.
If you buy them it will make you feel good when you take them home.

The poultry farmers do not care it's making money for them.
So what's the life of a "few" poor hens locked up for life in a pen.
Please don't let this practice keep happening in our land.
Do the right thing, buy Barn Laid eggs, this will lend a hand.

Copyright ? 2003 by Maureen Flynn-Smith. All Rights Reserved
May be used in unchanged form by avowed Animal Rightists if accompanied by this copyright message.

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