Dogs Go To Heaven

kennels are as bad as people say
the dogs are locked up day after day
i worked in one once and it was sad
they were considered money only it makes me mad

i worked in one for two years straight
they put dogs down because they won't mate
it's cruel and inhuman to see that happen
we should do the owners while they're nappen

the hardest thing for me that made me cry
is when i had to hold one so she could make it die
at that point in time i knew they were fake
i could care less if they fell in a lake

so all you protesters keep up the good work
if you just ask me i'll tell you they're a jerk
let everyone help to close them down
we'll hit them all from town to town

Copyright ? 1999 by Sandy Garfield. All Rights Reserved
May be used in unchanged form by avowed Animal Rightists if accompanied by this copyright message.

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