The Earth So Slender

The earth so slender
So crowded
Not enough room for what is considered beauty
Every moving life taken for what is "needed"
A life brought into this world raised to die
What can I do but watch all these hearts stop beating
I am at loss with what to do
I cry in my sleep to all the creatures so far gone
All this inhumane death just to make us profit
Knowing when not bought, 
The left over will be trashed
So all this death just to be wasted again and again
All this for nothing 
Nothing but pain of dying 
This is for us 
To make us smile
But how can I smile when I am devouring I shouldn't even try
So much earth to plenish my soul
I don't need to shed blood to fill my stomach

Copyright ? 2000 by Cody Stout. All Rights Reserved
May be used in unchanged form by avowed Animal Rightists if accompanied by this copyright message.

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