The Silent Ark

I cling to my owner?s leg, not knowing what to expect.
He tugs at my lead and I faithfully follow, not knowing what to expect.
He leads me through the iron gates, my claws tapping the glossy floor.
All the time he is reassuring me, telling me it?s okay.

But it?s not okay I?m being led to the silent ark yet I do not know what to expect.
The air is full of death and cries as I pass each door,
I know am farther into death and there is no turning back
As I am led to join the others on the silent ark.

We join a line with other owners and their companions,
All awaiting to board the silent ark, with no return ticket at our paws.
They wait patiently not knowing what to expect, blind to the truth.
The silent ark is waiting and I am one of the crew.

And my time has come to board the silent ark, the captain rushed and bothered.
I am disconnected from my lifeline and dragged towards my doom,
The captain takes my scruff and plunges the needle deep.
I slowly drift away and now ready to join the silent ark.

As my life has ended and I am now no longer needed.
My body is tossed among the others and we are boarded onto the silent ark.
My life journey has ended but my journey on the silent ark
Has only just begun.

Copyright ? 2002 by Amie Alberio. All Rights Reserved
May be used in unchanged form by avowed Animal Rightists if accompanied by this copyright message.

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